When Was Anno Domini?

Dating the Millennium

Ormond Edwards

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Uses historical, calendrical, astronomical and biblical data to assess when Jesus was born and when the new millennium really began.

198 x 130 mm
Floris Books
Religion & Spirituality
128 pages
Publication date:
23 Sep 1999


Was 1999 the eve of the new millennium? Has the new millennium already begun, or is it yet to come?

Using historical, calendrical, astronomical and biblical data Ormond Edmonds endeavours to answer these questions unequivocally. His knowledge of the many different calendars in use at the beginning of the first millennium is fundamental to explaining how misinterpretations of dates have occurred throughout history.

He successfully explains the discrepancies in the gospels of Luke and Matthew with regard to the various Jewish festivals and events in Roman history. In addition, Edwards uncovers new evidence from Roman coins, and links biblical references with known and accepted astronomical data.

Full of fascinating detail about key figures at the time of the birth of Christ, When was Anno Domini? offers convincing evidence which leaves little doubt regarding the true date of the millennium.


Ormond Edwards (1928-2009) was a priest of The Christian Community, working in Aberdeen. He wrote several books related to the life and times of Christ, including A New Chronology of the Gospels.

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