The Last Rainbow Bird

Nora Brech; Translated by Polly Lawson

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  • Award-winning author-illustrator Nora Brech imagines a bold and incredible world of characterful birds, elaborate treetop houses and fantastical landscapes
  • The warm story introduces children to important environmental themes of wildlife conservation, species facing extinction and rewilding, which are reinforced with a non-fiction message
  • Printed responsibly to match the eco values of the story -- on sustainably sourced paper using plant-based inks

Two children set out to find the last Rainbow Bird and stop its species becoming extinct in this heartfelt and vibrant story with a gentle message about wildlife conservation.

280 x 215 mm
Floris Books
Picture Books
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 4 to 7 years
40 pages
Publication date:
22 Sep 2022


"The river twisted and turned through the forest. Alex and Jo saw lots of extraordinary birds, but none were the Rainbow Bird."

Unless Jo and Alex can find the last Rainbow Bird, its species will become extinct.

Journeying by riverboat through a spectacular forest, the children find many extraordinary birds -- elegant Underwater Birds, glowing Lamp Birds and excitable Big-to-Little Birds -- but will they find the last Rainbow Bird?

This vibrant picture book by award-winning author and illustrator Nora Brech is a riot of colour, imagination and wonder. Children will love the heartfelt, fun story which gently and imaginatively explores wildlife conservation.


'The extraordinary illustrations, hand-drawn, using digital methods, have an “other world”, old-fashioned retro feel. They are quirky and unique.’
-- Youth Services Books Review

'Utterly lovely from start to finish.'
-- Elizabeth Bird, School Library Journal

'Featuring bright, whimsical illustrations and an animated narrative, this translated Norwegian title incorporates amusing elements and lots of playful detail to pore over. An entertaining read and approach to the topic of rare-bird conservation and protecting endangered species.'
-- Booklist

'Travel with them by riverboat through the spectacular forest; discover astoundingly beautiful birds and simply enjoy the wonder that is this vibrant picture book.'
-- Armadillo

'The singularly fabulous world of the Rainbow Bird, created by award-winning author-illustrator Nora Brech, is a riot of colour, imagination, and wonder. Children will love the heartfelt and humorous story that gently conveys an important conservation message.'
-- YA Books Central

'Stunning in its simplicity and playfulness… While the theme about the importance of safeguarding rare animals from extinction comes through clearly in this Norwegian import, the rich, rainbow-colored illustrations are truly the stars here… A joyous conservation message wrapped in a colorful feast for the eyes.’
-- Kirkus Reviews

'Certain to evoke ripples of laughter and draw the watchful, curious eyes of young children as they travel through the pages.'
-- Manhattan Book Review

'A vibrant and animated story which offers children an introduction to wildlife conservation. The illustrations are simply beautiful and are so detailed.'
-- OurBookDays, Instagram

'Brilliant and captivating... A great way to start a conversation about conservation with little ones.'
-- ReadingExpressions, Instagram

'I especially adore the illustrations in this book, so vibrant, whimsical, and full of life.'
-- EcoCraftKids, Instagram

'Quite possibly the most beautiful picture book cover of the year. I mean everything about it is glorious. The sunset sky, the characters on their riverboat, the tornado of rainbow birds streaking across the sky. It is just breath-takingly beautiful. It's heartfelt and humorous but also explores themes of wildlife conservation.'
-- Bookbairn, Instagram

'Celebrates the diverse beauty in not just birds, but in all living things. The color of this spectacular landscape explodes on each page, twisting and turning with vibrance, texture, and flare. It helps open up conversations about conservation, and how we can help keep birds of all feathers soaring high for many years to come.'
-- NannyMissMonique, Instagram

'The Last Rainbow Bird is filled with beautiful, colorful, and whimsical pictures. This story is a sweet adventure of finding the last Rainbow bird. I can't wait to buy my own physical copy for my classroom library to share with my class!'
-- NetGalley Educator

'One of the most visually stunning books I have seen in years!!
Vibrant colors, watercolor like textures, artwork that conveys movement & energy and a quirky color palette. A great tale to teach younger readers about conservation and the importance of saving and protecting animals from extinction.'
-- NetGalley Reviewer

'The Last Rainbow Bird subtly introduces youngsters to conservationism, using the imaginary Rainbow Bird as a stand-in for the many critically endangered species that do exist around the world... The bright, vibrant illustrations speak for themselves. A symphony of colors dances across each page highlighting the beauty of the natural world.'
-- KidsReadTheWorld, Instagram

'A stunning read. [...] Behind the imaginative story is a very real and important message of protecting nature.'
-- Kid Lit is Lit, Instagram

'What a beautiful book! The illustrations in this story are award worthy and the story it's self is a beautiful and gentle introduction into conservation for children. While the birds in the book are whimsical, it is easy to translate the story into an educational and practical experience for young readers. I would highly recommend this book for all children and very much look forward to planning a conservation story time with this book!'
-- NetGalley Educator

'The Last Rainbow Bird illustrations draw you into the look for the last rainbow bird. Beautifully written as a way to easily understand the importance of conservation. The story also celebrates the uniqueness of different cultures and people.'
-- NetGalley Educator

'A beautiful story of kids helping an ecologist save a bird species. The illustrations are so vibrant, stylized, and full of movement that I felt swept into the story world and stayed there until the very end. I am so excited to see more of Nora Brech's art!! Wonderful messages about conservation and how children can take action. Loved this book!'
-- NetGalley Reviewer


Nora Brech is an award-winning author and illustrator from Norway. The Last Rainbow Bird won a Silver Award for Cover Design at the Norwegian Designers' Guild Book Prize and has been published in 12 languages. Nora lives in Oslo, Norway, with her partner, child and pets.

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