Space and Counterspace

A New Science of Gravity, Time and Light

Nick C. Thomas

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Presents a wider science based on counterspace, which offers important new ways of understanding phenomena such as gravity and light, and which can also address issues of human consciousness and values.

234 x 156 mm
Floris Books
Philosophy of the Natural World
28 b/w diagrams
128 pages
Publication date:
23 Oct 2008


'Einstein did not attempt to explain the constancy of the velocity of light: he assumed it and derived his theories accordingly. But we have explained it.' -- from Chapter 8 of Space and Counterspace

Many people feel alienated by modern science and its impersonal view of our world, based on the concept of the 'detached observer'. Our human intuitions suggest that we need a broader-based science which can encompass phenomena currently excluded, such as human consciousness, qualities and values.

In this groundbreaking book, Nick Thomas presents a wider view of science using the theory of 'counterspace'. Counterspace exists alongside space as we know it, and was first proposed by Rudolf Steiner, and developed by the Cambridge mathematician George Adams. Through its startling lens, key aspects of our world -- such as gravity, time, light and colour, as well as the stars, the solar system, and the classical elements -- can be viewed and understood in dynamically new ways.

Thomas's work and ideas are on the cusp of a true revolution in the way modern scientific method can penetrate even deeper into the mysteries of our natural world.


'There is a kinship between the principles inherent in natural phenomena and the ideas of our inner world. This is shown very well, nowhere better perhaps, in the use of projective geometry in science. This book is an excellent example of that … This book requires a certain effort on the part of the reader - effort that he or she will surely find worthwhile. Thomas' approach will I feel certain turn out to be ground-breaking in the future.'
-- Archetype magazine


Nick Thomas was an electrical engineer in the RAF for 20 years before embarking on research into projective geometry. He became Chair and General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain. Now retired, he still lectures widely and is the author of Science Between Space and Counterspace and The Battle for the Etheric Realm. He died in 2015.

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