The History of Waldorf Education Worldwide

Volume 1: 1919-1945

Nana Göbel

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  • The companion volume to The History of Waldorf Education: 1945 to 2019
  • Over 100 photographs and inspiring stories provide insight into this dynamic approach to education
  • Written by the founder of Friends of Waldorf Education

Traces the establishing years of the revolutionary schools movement. The first of two volumes celebrating 100 years of Waldorf education.

254 x 178 mm
Waldorf Publications
Steiner-Waldorf Education; Waldorf Publications
over 150 b/w illustrations
400 pages
Publication date:
06 Aug 2020


In 1919 the original Steiner-Waldorf school opened its doors, becoming the first of over 1000 Waldorf schools and kindergartens which now exist around the world.
This comprehensive first volume from Nana Göbel, founder of Friends of Waldorf Education, explores the history of Waldorf education from its roots to the end of the Second World War.

Göbel captures the mood of the early days of Waldorf education, sharing the vision and dedication of those who established the schools in the first half of the twentieth century. She details the remarkable and rapid appearance of Waldorf schools throughout Britain, Europe, and North America.

Featuring over 150 photographs, this is a rich and inspiring account of the early days of this landmark new approach to education.


Nana Göbel is the founder of Friends of Waldorf Education, a worldwide organisation which has been supporting Waldorf schools across the globe since 1978.

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