Monty Waldin's Best Biodynamic Wines

Monty Waldin

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  • Written by an acclaimed biodynamic wine expert
  • Clear, useful wine guide to the best biodynamic wines available, presented with Monty Waldin's natural warmth and enthusiasm
  • Profiles the best biodynamic vineyards, with snippets of their individual histories and practices, and suggests wonderful wines to sample and savour

A relaxed, readable but authoritative guide to the best biodynamic wines available, from a master wine writer.

234 x 156 mm
Floris Books
Biodynamic Wine; Biodynamics & Organics
colour illustrations
272 pages
Publication date:
28 Mar 2013


Richly textured, vibrant chardonnay; mouthwateringly deep pinot gris; caressingly soft shiraz; opulent, forthright champagne. Monty Waldin, wine expert and star of Channel 4's 'Chateau Monty', shows us what is so wonderful about biodynamic wine in this indispensable guide for wine drinkers.

Monty explains why grapes grown on vines that really connect with their soil, that are not sprayed with standard fertilisers and pesticides, make wine with intense, well-defined flavour -- wine that truly tastes of where it's from.

Under each style of wine, Monty profiles the best biodynamic vineyards, with snippets of their individual histories and practices, and suggests wonderful wines to sample and savour.

Monty writes with the easy authority of his extensive experience, having visited vineyards on every continent during his twenty-year career. His friendly, approachable style will bring reading and drinking pleasure to connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.


'The definite guide to the best biodynamic wines, a well illustrated book full of information. The structure is relatively straightforward, with white, rose and red wines listed by grape variety along with details of the growers. There is an informative introduction about the philosophy behind biodynamic wine as part of a wider organic movement.'
-- Scientific & Medical Network Review

'There is a concise, intriguing and well-composed introduction to the fundamentals of biodynamics, but priority is soon given over to practice rather than theory. What follows is a readable, well-selected guide to biodynamic wines from all around the world ... The many photographs, bottle shots and label scans are apposite and well integrated. The feel of the book is overall very pleasing, with a matte finish to the images and a tactile, pale buff-coloured paper that evokes environmentalism, somehow. (I see that the publisher, Floris, specialises in books on organics and biodynamics, so the choice of paper is surely no accident.) ... Waldin's tone is authoritative but never overtly evangelical, although perhaps some of the more cosmic references might perplex newcomers or sceptics ... However, the point of this book is not to debate biodynamics itself but to discover its potential in the tastiest way possible. Bookshelves are not shy of wine buying guides, but Waldin's biodynamic selection is a valuable addition for any wine lover, be they devout, agnostic or otherwise -- for here the evidence is signposted, that you might decide for yourself.'
-- Richard Hemming,

'a thoroughly well done and useful publication'
-- Tom Cannavan,

'Having just recently visited a vineyard in Austria, I consulted this book where it gives a clear picture of the history of the vineyard as well as a critique of the best wine. It can also be used for researching any wines you may purchase.'
-- Richard Swann, Star and Furrow


Monty Waldin is a wine writer and critic, widely considered to be the top authority on organic and biodynamic wine. In 2007 he was the star of the Channel 4 show 'Chateau Monty', following his project to establish a new biodynamic vineyard in the south of France. He now lives in Tuscany, Italy.


Watch Monty Waldin talk about biodynamic wine and wine growing in this fascinating video.


Find out more about Monty Waldin and biodynamics on our Monty Waldin author page.

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