Why Children Don't Listen

A Guide for Parents and Teachers

Monika Kiel-Hinrichsen

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A handbook for parents and teachers on how to communicate better with children.

216 x 138 mm
Floris Books
Parenting & Child Health; Steiner-Waldorf Education
28 b/w illustrations
192 pages
Publication date:
24 Aug 2006


What can you do when a child just won't listen?

How we speak to each other is at the very heart of human relationships. Children are often much better than adults at reading between the lines and deciphering the messages we send through body language and tone of voice.

This is an invaluable handbook for parents and teachers on how to communicate better with children. It covers all aspects of talking to and, importantly, listening to children, including communication with children of different ages and understanding the wider situation in which the conversation is taking place.

The author translates the theory into practical, everyday solutions. There are useful exercises throughout, to help us communicate more successfully.


'A wonderfully helpful book for every parent. Many readers will be familiar with the everyday challenge of getting up, eating breakfast and getting children to school on time. This provides a microcosm of family life...One of the most useful models relates to speaking, listening and understanding...Overall, this is an invaluable resource for increasing self awareness and harmony within families.'
--The Scientific and Medical Network Review, Winter 2006-2007

'This is an invaluable handbook for parents and teachers on how to communicate better with children...the book includes a series of exercises that can be used to help us communicate more effectively. A useful and thought provoking read for the conscious parent.'
--The Green Parent, Jan 2007

'I think this book is worth a read regardless of how well you think you communicate with your child.'
--Education Otherwise, Feb 2007

'An invaluable book on how to communicate better with children.'
-- Kindling, summer 2007


Monika Kiel-Hinrichsen has many years' experience as a teacher and a communication consultant. She is married with five children and lives in Germany.


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