A Pistol in Greenyards

Mollie Hunter

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In 1854 the tenants of Greenyards, in the Scottish Highlands, are brutally evicted from their homes. This is an exciting adventure story, full of suspense.

198 x 130 mm
Floris Books
Age Range:
From 11 to 14 years
208 pages
Publication date:
26 Oct 2002


In 1854 the tenants of Greenyards, in the Scottish Highlands, are brutally evicted from their homes and the land sold for sheep grazing.
To defend his family Connal Ross draws a pistol on the local Sheriff-Officer ... a crime punishable by death. Things can only get worse!

Forced into hiding, Connal and his sister, Katrine, try to keep ahead of the authorities, while trying to save other members of their family. Will they ever be able to start a new life, and escape to freedom?

Connal tells of the hardships suffered by his family and neighbours, how they plotted a rebellion in which the children played a vital role, and which unwittingly jeopardized their whole community.

A brilliant historical tale full of suspense and excitement.


'Floris Books' campaign to bring back into print grand books from Scottish writers continues with Mollie Hunter's A Pistol in Greenyards. This is a superb thriller/adventure story set in the past … the shameful injustices of the Clearances the struggle to defend family, livelihood and a whole way of life are the reasons for the action. Mollie Hunter's book opens with a startling true account of events in 1854.'
-- School Librarian, Spring 2003

'Mollie Hunter's skilful use of first person narrative draws the reader into the story and gives the central character some psychological depth. Connal, the proud, spirited and impulsive hero has to put behind him the bitterness of defeat and grasp the opportunity of a new life in America.'
-- Treasure Island: A guide to Scottish fiction for young readers aged 10-14, Summer 2003


Mollie Hunter (1922-2012) wrote more than 25 novels for children since 1953, incorporating a life-long exploration of Scotland's folklore and history into her stories. She received numerous awards and honours for her books, including the New York Times Outstanding Books of the Year Award, the Boston Globe Horn Book Award and the Carnegie Medal.


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