They All Had Eyes

Confessions of a Vivisectionist

Michael Slusher

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Quick Look

  • A candid account from an experienced biological researcher
  • Pulls no punches to tell the stories of the animals on which the author performed procedures
  • For anyone concerned about violence against animals

A challenging but important book which lifts the lid on the reality of biomedical research on animals.

224 x 145 mm
Vegan Publishers
Philosophy of Human Life;
208 pages
Publication date:
21 Apr 2016


Most people prefer not to think too much about how biomedical and pharmaceutical research is carried out. In fact, Michael Slusher states, the truth is more brutal and horrifying than many would even believe.

In this startling book, he lifts the lid on his experience as a research biologist, chronicling the animals he worked on – from mice and dogs to monkeys – and the graphic procedures that he performed on them as part of his job. He also shares his reflections on his work and the traumatic memories he carries, pulling no punches.

This is a challenging but important book for anyone who is concerned about violence against animals.


Michael Slusher worked as a research biologist for many years before pursuing a career that was more in line with his ethics and morals. Still interested in animals, he earned a degree in Anthropology, with a focus on Zooarchaeology -- the study of animal remains as found within a human archaeological context. After recognizing the cruel and exploitative role humans play in the lives of animals, he became dedicated to vegan education and outreach. He and his wife currently reside in the Eastern United States and are owned by several rescued cats.

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