Christ's Resurrection and the Future of Humanity

Michael Kientzler

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  • A collection of insightful lectures exploring the central mystery of Christianity, from an experienced Christian Community priest
  • Examines the nature of resurrection and how it leads to human redemption or salvation
  • A profound book for readers interested in spiritual and inner development

A thoughtful collection of lectures on the incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ to help readers reconnect to the divine world.

216 x 138 mm
Floris Books
Religion & Spirituality;
64 pages
Publication date:
26 Jan 2023


Our human consciousness and individuality -- and our potential for freedom of choice -- is possible because we have a physical body, separate from the spiritual realm. But for human beings to continue to develop, we need to reconnect to the divine world.

The incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ is what makes this reconnection possible. This profound book, a collection of lectures by Christian Community priest Michael Kientzler, discusses this central mystery of Christianity. He explores the nature of resurrection, and how it ultimately leads to human redemption or salvation.

This is a thoughtful, insightful book for those interested in spiritual and inner development.

Table of Contents

1. Evolution and the Development of the Self
2. The Striving for the Higher Self
3. The Incarnation of Christ
4. The Redemption of the Self


'The author portrays the three aspects of the self and their functions in a vivid and lively manner[...] The narratives of the birth of Jesus given by Matthew and Luke is looked at with a fresh eye and originality. It is a joy to find these questions addressed in a straightforward, original and lively manner[...]. It makes a valuable contribution to these matters, demonstrating how taking a comprehensive view of the subject gives enhanced credence to its separate parts[...] Down-to-earth yet profound.'
-- Perspectives

'An inspiring work and would be a helpful book for those coming new to Christology as well as for others welcoming clarification and research into Christ's "reappearance", thus deepening their understanding.'
-- Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain


Michael Kientzler was born in Hannover, Germany, where he attended the local Waldorf School. After studying at the Christian Community Seminary in Stuttgart for a year, he read biology at Tübingen University and at the University of Pennsylvania. He then returned to the Seminary and was ordained in 1972. After working as a priest in Stuttgart for twenty-three years, he moved to Vancouver, Canada, and later to Forest Row, England. He lives near Basel, Switzerland.

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