From Mechanism to Organism

Enlivening the Study of Human Biology

Michael Holdrege

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  • Practical examples and methods to help Upper school science teachers share the human biology curriculum in an engaging and inspiring way for their students
  • Ideal for both new teachers looking to create the building blocks of their lessons and experienced teachers seeking a fresh way to approach the subject
  • Written by an experienced Steiner-Waldorf teacher, who has taught life and earth sciences, economics and mathematics for over two decades

An illuminating and helpful resource for Steiner-Waldorf teachers of human biology in the Upper school, filled with useful ways to make the topic meaningful for teenagers.

254 x 178 mm
Waldorf Publications
Steiner-Waldorf Education
100 illustrations
Age Range:
From 12 to 14 years
252 pages
Publication date:
23 Feb 2023


In From Mechanism to Organism, experienced Steiner-Waldorf teacher Michael Holdrege helps teachers spark their students' interest in the amazing wisdom of the human body. He describes the ways he has approached many of the topics in the Steiner-Waldorf high school biology curriculum from Class 9 to Class 12 (14-18 years), offering practical and helpful examples for teachers to apply in the classroom.

Starting with the interest teenagers have with their own body's changes and growth, Holdrege helps teachers lead students to a deeper understanding of the processes that make up and sustain the human organism. Topics covered include the human skeleton, the immune system, the digestive system, and the muscular system.

Lavishly illustrated, this book is a valuable, clear and illuminating resource for teachers in the Upper school. These methods will be helpful to both teachers new to the curriculum and those looking for inspiration on how to teach the topics afresh. Parents may also find that this book will help them understand how science can be taught in a way that fits and nurtures young minds.


Michael Holdrege taught life and earth sciences, economics and maths at the Chicago Waldorf School, USA for over twenty years. He is on the faculty at the Waldorf Teacher Institute of Chicago, at the Waldorf High School Teacher Training at the Center for Anthroposophy, and has also taught at the Waldorf Teacher Training Program in Xi'ian, China.

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