Three Plays for Twelfth Grade

King Oedipus Had a Daughter; Cassandra; Flor and Blanchefleur

Michael Hedley Burton

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  • Includes strong female roles in all three plays
  • The plays explore issues of belief, conflict, idealism and reality
  • Drawn from the Greek and medieval traditions

A collection of three plays for Waldorf school Class 12 students (ages seventeen to eighteen).

280 x 216 mm
Waldorf Publications
Steiner-Waldorf Education; Waldorf Publications
182 pages
Publication date:
08 Feb 2018


This book is a collection of three plays for high school students, specifically Class 12 (age 17 to 18 years), each of which has a strong female character.

Flor and Blanchefleur is based on a medieval legend that was sung by troubadours and went to become an archetype for other great romances such as Tristan and Isolde, and Romeo and Juliet. It would work well for Class 11 or Class 12, or for Classes 7 and 8 in a shortened version. It's the story of the coming together of the lily and the rose and the initiation journey of its hero who has to unite fire and water. Flor is also the character who began the Grail stream in Europe, the grandfather of Parsifal.

Cassandra is the story of three very different women: Cassandra, Helen and Clytemnestra. Cassandra is other-worldly, and can see what will happen but isn't believed. Helen is an opportunist, battling with her inner demons before murdering her husband. Clytemnestra is the wife (and ultimately murderer) of Agamemnon, general of the Greek forces and the main male role.

King Oedipus Had a Daughter is based on Sophocles’s Antigone, and explores why it is necessary to confront political tyranny in our modern world. It's particularly suitable for Class 12 since the students are preparing to go out into the world, and this play is about the clash of ideals and reality. It incorporates ideas expressed by Eduard Schure in his book The Genesis of Tragedy.


Michael Burton was born and currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand. He is a speech therapist and voice teacher by training. His play This War Is Not Inevitable, about the birth of Steiner's threefold social organism, is currently on tour in New Zealand.

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