A Practical Manual of Meditation

Massimo Scaligero; Translated by Eric Bisbocci

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  • Explores Steiner's view of the importance of meditation practice for self-development
  • Examines Steiner's practices and seeks to understand why they work
  • For all who want to embark on the path of initiation through anthroposophy

Systematically illuminates Rudolf Steiner's spiritual practices.

203 x 127 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Mind, Body, Spirit
188 pages
Publication date:
29 Jan 2016


"It is easy to be good by being weak.
It is easy to be strong by being wicked.
It is difficult and heroic to be free. . ."

Rudolf Steiner often emphasised the importance of meditation practice for the self-development of students of anthroposophy. In his writings and lectures, he offered various insights for approaches to meditation and for strengthening the qualities needed to unfold our spiritual abilities.

In this accessible book, Massimo Scaligero -- a lifelong student of Rudolf Steiner -- systematically illuminates Steiner’s practices, building on the foundation of our human constitution and explaining how and why these practices work.

This is a text that should be read and thought about deeply, but also acted upon. It will be an aid to all those who wish to take the path of initiation through anthroposophy.


Massimo Scaligero (1906-1980) was born Antonio Sgabelloni in Calabria, Italy. He was a renowned spiritual thinker who drew on both Western and Eastern traditions. He is the author of The Secret of Space and Time and Treatise on Living Thinking along with many other untranslated works.

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