Pico the Gnome

Martina Müller

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  • A classic picture book, illustrated in a handcrafted artistic style, which has been enjoyed by generations of children
  • The story captures the value of bridging differences -- a message relevant to children everywhere
  • This beautiful gift edition is perfect for young hands

A new edition of a classic picture book about courage and valuing difference, full of life and colour.

225 x 180 mm
Floris Books
Picture Books
Age Range:
From 4 to 7 years
32 pages
Publication date:
15 Sep 2016
2nd edition


One day, Pico the gnome goes for an evening stroll to collect firewood and ingredients for a stew, and falls asleep in the forest. He dreams of a fairy who tells him he will soon have to be brave. Sure enough, as dawn breaks, a giant thunders through the land, frightening all the animals and birds -- but Pico uses quick thinking and kind words to bring about a happy ending.

Generations of children have enjoyed Martina Müller's classic picture book, illustrated in a handcrafted artistic style full of life and colour, and the tale -- which captures the value of bridging differences -- remains as relevant today.

This beautiful gift edition is perfect for young hands.


'This is a beautifully illustrated gentle story about a gnome who befriends a giant thus, saving all the gnomes in his forest. Pico takes the gentle approach when confronted by the menacing giant and the world is saved. This might be a good choice to read to young children if bullying needs to be addressed. A great story to read to little ones.'
--Youth Services Book Review

'The story itself is simple, well told and engaging. It clearly tells young readers that conflict often arises from misunderstandings, from a lack of empathy for others’ ways of life and ideas, and that there are alternatives to force to resolve these situations. As a text to discourage bullying and violence, and instead urge collaboration and compromise it puts many persuasive points for adults as well as children.'
-- Armadillo

'Beautiful full-page color illustrations by the author accompany a tale of a gnome who co-exists peacefully in his forest home until his blissful sleep is interrupted. Kids will enjoy the gentle story, lovely drawings, and unexpected results of Pico's encounter.'
-- Midwest Book Review


Martina Müller lives and works in upstate New York.

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