Goldie at the Orphanage

Martha Sandwall-Bergström; Illustrated by Eva Stålsjö

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Shipwrecked as a baby, Goldie goes to live in an orphanage where her golden hair gets her into trouble. Warm, lively illustrations.

197 x 259 mm
Floris Books
Picture Books
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 5 to 8 years
24 pages
Publication date:
29 Apr 2004


Goldie at the Orphanage introduces a new hero for children aged 5-8. Shipwrecked as a baby, Goldie goes to live in an orphanage where her golden hair gets her into trouble. Then a new girl called Lotta arrives and Goldie starts to have more fun, until the time comes for them to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. What will happen to the two friends?

The lively illustrations, reminiscent of Shirley Hughes, bring out the warmth and vivacity of Goldie. This story is sure to enchant.


'The pleasures of friendship shine through the pages. The delicate and detailed watercolours work with the text to evoke a strong sense of a particular environment and show resourceful children struggling with difficult lives. Young readers will be hooked. Compelling - 4 stars.'
-- Books for Keeps, September 2004

'I liked the pictures but thought it was a sad story. I would like to read the sequel which is Goldie at the Farm.'
-- Chloe age 6, Education Otherwise, December 2004

'With lively illustrations, this traditional-style storybook will capture the imagination of young girls as it introduces Goldie as a resilient new heroine.'
-- Family Interest Magazine, July 2004

'I liken reading this book to listening to my grandmother telling me about her childhood. It is utterly fascinating ... accompanied by truly beautiful watercolours that bring the story alive. I will undoubtedly buy part two.'
-- Families Online (

'Young readers can be helped to speculate about the time setting and will notice the distinctive long sleeved dresses and white smocks, and the harsh regime at the orphanage. The shocking relevation that orphaned boys and girls could be bought at auctions will draw strong responses from some children.'
-- Books for Keeps, September 2004

'An Anne of Green Gables-like story. Lovely clear, soft illustrations.'
-- Daily Echo Bournemouth, 29 May 2004


Martha Sandwall-Bergström was born in Småland, Sweden, in 1913 and died in 2000. Published in Swedish as Kulla-Gulla, the Goldie books are based on Martha Sandwall-Bergström's own experiences of growing up in a poor area. Her books have sold over four million copies world-wide and have been translated into twelve languages.


Also available by Martha Sandwall-Bergström:
The sequel to Goldie at the Orphanage: Goldie at the Farm

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