The Universe of the Human Body

Marko Pogacnik

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  • Brings the approaches of geomancy to bear on the human body
  • Shows how we can consciously enter our own body space
  • Includes practical Gaia Touch exercises

Explores the human body using the principles of Gaia and geomancy.

229 x 146 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Mind, Body, Spirit
268 pages
Publication date:
27 Oct 2016


Marko Pogacnik is an expert in geomancy, that is, exploring the landscape experientially and gathering information about the Gaia and the different levels of the earth's reality. In this unique book, he brings the same approach to the study of the human body, exploring how we can consciously enter our own body space to experience it from the inside, and how to prepare to meet the coming challenges -- the equivalent of climate change.

This book is both theoretical and practical, and includes exercises called Gaia Touch exercises, inspired by the elementals, which will stimulate personal development and help us become conscious co-creators with Gaia of the new emerging reality.


Marko Pogačnik was born in Slovenia in 1944. He studied sculpture and acquired an international reputation in conceptual and landscape art before developing lithopuncture, a method of ecological healing for places and landscapes. He is a lecturer at the Hagia Chora School for Geomancy in Slovenia.

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