How Wide the Heart

The Roots of Peace in Palestine and Israel

Marko Pogacnik and Ana Pogačnik

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A book of remarkable insights and meditations inspired by the authors' 2001 trip across the Holy Land, from the Pyramids across the Sinai Peninsula to Jerusalem, to promote peace and healing.

256 x 134 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Mind, Body, Spirit
60 b/w photographs
216 pages
Publication date:
25 Jan 2007


In 2001, Marko and Ana Pogacnik set out on a pilgrimage with a group of people interested in geomancy and looking for ways to achieve lasting peace. They travelled along the archetypal path that leads from the Pyramids in Egypt, across the Sinai Peninsula to Jerusalem. Along the way, they visited the holy sites of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The first part of this book explores the vital energy of these ancient sites, providing a remarkable overview of the planetary role and true identity of the Holy Land. The book includes seven meditations and eight cosmograms to promote peace and healing in the Middle East.

The second part of the book contains inspiring messages received by Ana which encourage us to follow our chosen path with increased self-awareness.

This is a timely book for an understanding of the deeper importance of the Holy Land and the events and people of the region.


Marko Pogačnik was born in Slovenia in 1944. He studied sculpture and acquired an international reputation in conceptual and landscape art before developing lithopuncture, a method of ecological healing for places and landscapes. He is a lecturer at the Hagia Chora School for Geomancy in Slovenia.

Ana Pogačnik, the daughter of Marko Pogačnik, was born in Slovenia in 1973. She is an archaeologist and painter, and lives in Munich, Germany.

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