Knit Together, Share Together

Simple Knitting for All the Family

Marja de Haan; Translated by Barbara Mees

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  • Creative ideas for three generations of knitters lovely projects to bring a family together
  • Includes patterns for simple dolls' clothes, matching sweaters for children and adults, and the dolls themselves
  • Suitable for every age and stage of knitting experience

A practical and beautifully illustrated book for three generations of knitters.

229 x 210 mm
Floris Books
Crafts & Activities
80 colour photographs
Age Range:
From 6 to 12 years
88 pages
Publication date:
15 Sep 2016


Knitting can bring generations together. This practical and beautifully illustrated book, which contains step-by-step knitting instructions and patterns, was inspired by a granddaughter knitting a simple doll's sweater, her grandmother knitting the doll itself, and the girl's mother knitting a matching sweater for her daughter.

Even young children can learn to knit the basic stitches, and this book features projects suitable for every age and stage of experience: from simple dolls' clothes for beginners, to sweaters for children and adults, and knitting the dolls themselves, which is more challenging.

Knitting not only stimulates the mind and develops motor skills and dexterity but is also a way of creating something useful, with love, which can be cherished.


Marja de Haan was born in Amsterdam and learned to knit when she was very young. She trained as a teacher in Steiner-Waldorf schools where she specialised in textiles and needlework, and worked with kindergarten groups on craftwork. She eventually opened a yarn shop, and ventured into pattern designing and writing.

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