Camino Walk

Where Inner and Outer Paths Meet

Marie-Laure Valandro

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An account of a transforming journey along the Camino de Santiago.

216 x 138 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Mind, Body, Spirit
176 pages
Publication date:
06 Mar 2008


Camino Walk is Marie-Laure Valandro's personal pilgrimage along the centuries-old Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. A path of devotion of approximately 800 kilometres, the trail winds its way through high plateaus and rugged mountains. Along the way, Valandro met many other pilgrims and shared in a remarkable spiritual journey.

This book is a step-by-step account of the transformation that is possible in each of us when ordinary life falls away, and we make room for gratitude and wonder. Valandro offers her fascinating observations of the Camino and its fellowship, joys, pains and hardship, and invites the reader to share in her journey to wholeness.


Praise for Calum's New Team (Book 1):

'Nice writing style and no embarrassing stuff. You only need to like football. And to be able to sympathise with a boy who has to use his dog as goalie [not very good at defending the goal] when he plays all alone.'
-- Bookwitch

'... Written by Danny Scott, who works for the Scottish Book Trust, and is a huge football fan – the love for the game and for literacy shines through the text. It’s easy to read, with a manageable vocabulary and a plot that moves along quickly and realistically.
Interspersed with zazzy illustrations from Alice A Morentorn and complete with trading cards inside, this is a young football fan’s dream story. It touched a nerve here – the things mentioned in the book absolutely happen – which makes it completely relatable. The characters are sympathetically drawn – even Calum’s busy parents. Of course there’s the usual happiness at the end – so many fictional football teams win trophies and beat rivals (in the end) – in real life if you’re a Spurs fan the wait can be a little longer than the time it takes to read a book….
For age 6+ years. A cracking addition to the team.'


Marie-Laure Valandro was born in Tunisia and has lived in France, Morocco, Algeria, the United States and Iran. She founded the Liane Collot D'Herbois Therapeutic Painting School in Wisconsin.


This book is available in the US from Steiner Books.

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