A Phenomena-Based Physics: Sound, Light, Heat

Volume 1 for Grade 6

Manfred von Mackensen

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  • Covers the basic principles of acoustics, optics, heat, electricity and magnetism
  • Includes an introduction to each topic and a series of detailed age-appropriate experiments for classrooms
  • A popular book which has been revised and reformatted in a handy workbook size

A valuable resource book for teaching physics for Waldorf teachers of Class 6.

254 x 178 mm
Waldorf Publications
Steiner-Waldorf Education; Waldorf Publications
17 b/w illustrations
120 pages
Publication date:
21 Feb 2019
2nd edition


Children learn best through experiencing a phenomenon before trying to understand it theoretically. This approach underpins this valuable resource book for teachers of physics to 12-13 year olds.

Covering the basic principles of acoustics, optics, heat, electricity and magnetism, von Mackensen ensures that all lessons and experiments are age-appropriate, and focus on developing an interest in and familiarity with the phenomena being described.

Written specifically for class teachers in Waldorf schools, but accessible to any teacher who wants to bring a more phenomenon-based methodology to their classroom, the book starts by introducing the fields of physics appropriate to the age group, followed by a discussion of the main topics and detailed descriptions of simple experiments.

This book is recently revised and reformatted in a handy workbook size for ease of teacher reference in preparing main lesson presentations and experiments, and is illustrated throughout.


Manfred von Mackensen was a scientific researcher who also taught at the Waldorf School in Kassel, Germany for over thirty years and was involved in Waldorf teacher training.

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