Symbols of Eternity

Landmarks for a Soul Journey

Malcolm Stewart

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  • Explores the power of symbols in human culture, covering ancient history, science, music and art
  • This lavishly-illustrated large-format book includes over 200 colour photographs and diagrams
  • 'I remain in awe of this book. Patterns of Eternity is probably the single most important addition to the body of sacred geometry to emerge in a decade.' John Martineau on Patterns of Eternity

Explores the power of symbols in human culture, covering ancient history, science, music and art.

240 x 208 mm
Floris Books
Philosophy of Human Life
240 colour illustrations
216 pages
Publication date:
17 Nov 2011


Symbols play an extraordinary role in human culture and belief around the world. Their power, for good or ill, can launch us into alternative realms, leading us not only towards light and truth, but down darker paths to intolerance and hatred.

Building on his acclaimed study of sacred geometry in Patterns of Eternity, the author starts by exploring megaliths, the ancient stones of the Bible, the lingams on India and the Black Stone of Mecca. He goes on to consider questions of harmony and value in the Flower of Life, the Enneagram, the Solfeggio Scale, alchemical symbols and the Cube of Light, as well as the controversial area of the swastika.

Throughout, the author brings the unexpected discoveries of his own journeys to bear on the subject, continually testing the limits of our material reality.

Wonderfully illustrated with over 200 colour photographs and diagrams, this fascinating book covers ancient history, science, music, art and culture, drawing them together into a coherent, inspiring journey for the reader.


'This is a beautifully illustrated essay on sacred geometry, of the sort that John Mitchell used to do, analysing examples from ancient megalithic cultures through to the temples of modern religions … Malcolm Stewart is admirably filling the void left by Mitchell's death.'
-- Fortean Times

'A beautifully illustrated sequel to the author's Patterns of Eternity, taking the reader on a journey through sacred sites around the world … There is a good deal of technical material in the book which will appeal to specialists and which will repay careful study by the general reader … the journey is very enjoyable.'
-- David Lorimer, Scientific Medical Network Review

'This is a soul journey into the deepest aspects of living landscape, symbolism and sacred geometry, where the key theme is integration across cultures, religion and world views. It's also a personal spiritual journey that author Malcolm Stewart generously shares with us in the hope we may be inspired by it and learn much from it.'
-- Nexus Magazine


Malcolm Stewart is an author, musician and designer who has created mosaic, stained glass, landscape and interior design for a range of secular and sacred environments. He is a one-time priest, television producer, UN project director, Ockenden Venture Refugee, and Relief Aid administrator. He has lectured widely throughout the UK and Europe. He is the author of Patterns of Eternity: Sacred Geometry and the Starcut Diagram (2009, Floris Books).

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