Willow the Wildcat

Lynne Rickards; Illustrated by Kirsteen Harris-Jones

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  • A charming rhyming adventure starring a family of wildcats
  • Highly endangered, the latest reports suggest there are as few as 30 wildcats left in the wild in Scotland, with major rewilding projects currently underway
  • Willow the wildcat kitten and her brother Corrie learn to trust and appreciate each other in this heartwarming story of sibling love
  • From the author of the bestselling Skye the Puffling, Harris the Hero and Rowan the Red Squirrel

Wildcat kittens Willow and Corrie must learn to work together to find a safe new home. An adorable rhyming adventure from the author of Skye the Puffling, with charming illustrations of Scottish wildlife and the endangered wildcat.

230 x 265 mm
Floris Books
Picture Kelpies
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 3 to 6 years
28 pages
Publication date:
20 Feb 2020
Picture Kelpies


Willow the wildcat kitten and her brother Corrie live in a cosy den in the forest with their mum. But then disaster strikes when a nosy sheepdog collapses their den. Can the kittens stop bickering long to learn how to work together and find a warm, safe new home?

Written in Lynne Rickards' signature rhyme, this charming tale of two siblings learning to appreciate each other and work as a team features dynamic watercolour illustrations of Scottish wildlife and two wildcat kittens, which are endangered in Scotland.

From the author of best-selling Skye the Puffling and Rowan the Red Squirrel, Willow the Wildcat brings the beauty of the Scottish Highlands and its animal inhabitants to life.


'This rhyming story deftly educates young readers about the habits and habitat of a critically endangered species, but the learning feels incidental because the characters and their adventures are so appealing, and their sibling rivalry feels so real. While there's plenty of cuteness, both Rickards' words and Harris-Jones' beautifully- detailed illustrations capture the fiercer side of the wildcats too – giving us a really rounded insight into the life of an enigmatic creature that we might never see for ourselves.'
-- Roaring Reads

'A cute story. The rhyming text and expressive pictures gently point out some of the threats to the cats' survival although here there's a happy ending.'
-- Jane Sandell

'Great for reading aloud... An informative adventure of a wildcat family to find a new home, with plenty of wildlife to learn about.'
-- YA and Kids Books Central

'This cute picture book has lovely illustrations of beautiful Scottish countryside, as the wildcats travel through forests, across a flowing burn, into a meadow of grass, and find an old castle ruin. The illustrations use soft colors with sunshine on every page! I loved the art style and the way the illustrations added depth to the story by adding details and expression...
The story has lovely character development for the two kittens.'
-- Books for MKs

'The illustrations provided by Kirsteen Harris-Jones reflect the beautiful Scottish countryside with the lush pine forests, cool blue streams, and glowing sunset on a long-forgotten castle.'
-- Youth Services Book Review, 4 stars

'I enjoyed the story and following three wildcats as they try to find a new place to live in the Scottish Highlands. Since this species is endangered, the book effectively shows some of the challenges to its survival... I liked the colorful illustrations and the way the young ones learned to work together, a good lesson for anyone.'
-- Goodreads, Barbara Ward

Praise for Lynne Rickards:

'A delightful book to read aloud to children.'
-- Childtastic Books on Rowan the Red Squirrel

'Written in a lovely rich rhyme, this is a delightful story'
-- Carousel on Harris the Hero


Lynne Rickards was born in Canada and has called Scotland home for over twenty years. She grew up reading Dr Seuss books and as a result she enjoys writing in rhyme. Lynne is the author of many much-loved picture books including Lewis Clowns Around, Harris the Hero, Skye the Puffling and Rowan the Red Squirrel. Lynne lives in Glasgow, Scotland.

Kirsteen Harris-Jones completed a BA in children's illustration for publishing, and has worked in advertising, graphic design and animation. She's now a freelance artist living in Shropshire with her husband and three children.

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