Home of the Wild

Louise Greig; Illustrated by Júlia Moscardó

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  • A lyrical and atmospheric tale by award-winning author and poet Louise Greig
  • Discover the breathtaking mountains and glens of Scotland in Júlia Moscardó’s evocative and authentic illustrations
  • This uplifting story about returning a wild creature to its natural habitat is a touching lesson of learning to let go

A lyrical and uplifting story about a friendship between a boy and a wild fawn, with a tender message of love and letting wild animals be free. Atmospheric illustrations bring the authentic Scottish landscapes to life.

250 x 270 mm
Floris Books
Picture Books
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 4 to 7 years
32 pages
Publication date:
29 Apr 2021


"A house is not a home for wild things;
wild things need to run, and soar, and swim."

In the quiet dawn of the spring forest a boy finds an orphan fawn, hungry and alone. He carefully carries her home, caring for her while she grows strong. The boy and the fawn become inseparable. Together they spend long summer days running through the glen, leaping over the heather, and lying in the dappled sunlight.

But the young deer is a wild thing and too soon she is ready to discover a home of her own.

The boy misses his friend and worries for her when a big storm threatens. Can the boy and the fawn find each other again? Are some bonds stronger than goodbye?

Lyrical and atmospheric, this beautiful picture book by award-winning author Louise Greig and emerging illustrator Júlia Moscardó is an uplifting story of belonging, the enduring connection between humans and nature, and a tender lesson in learning when to let go of those you love.


'In the quiet dawn of the Spring forest, a boy finds an orphan fawn. An uplifting, lyrical story of wildness and belonging, against the evocative backdrop of the Scottish mountains.'
-- The Bookseller

'Although set in Scotland, this story could occur anywhere with tree-covered hills and valleys, deer, and humans with caring hearts... Lyrical language and realistic illustrations honor the natural world and a loving relationship.'
-- Kirkus Reviews

'A gentle boy encounters a lonely fawn while he's traipsing through the woods he loves. He "whispers into soft velvet,
'I'll carry you home.'" His mother cautions him that he'll have free Alba, once she's strong enough to go. Until then, though: Alba is his delightful new companion, and the bond they form is strong. Soft, attentive illustrations contribute to the soothing atmosphere of this lovely story about caring for the world around us, which cares for us in return.'
-- Foreword Reviews

'Greig's text reads like free verse poetry, with a discernible beat, despite the lack of a rhyme scheme. Moscardó's beautiful watercolor illustrations are perfectly matched to the text and manage to convey both a cozy sense of warmth and friendship but also the majesty and wildness of the woods. She effectively uses black outlines around the unnamed protagonist and Alba so that our eye is always drawn to them, even when they are small in a large, wooded setting.'
-- Youth Services Book Review

'A magical tale of home, friendship, love, the call of the wild and letting go, which is sure to leave not only your little ones, but you feeling all warm and fuzzy...
The lyrical words of Louise Greig dance off your tongue in gentle rippling whispers as you tell the tale of the small boy and delicate fawn. Júlia Moscardó's illustrations so perfectly bring the story even more vividly to life and marry with the rhythm of the story in complete harmony...
I still can't believe that this is Júlia's debut picture book as her images have such timeless, ethereal wonder depicting this magical place on Earth. The affection between boy and fawn exudes out of each image leaving your heart full...'
-- Busy Busy Learning

'I found myself connecting with this story on an emotional level... At its heart it is a story of a boy’s care for a wild creature, and a recognition of the wilderness in us all. Greig is a poet from Aberdeen, and I’d argue that the book demands to be read aloud, to fully appreciate the magic of her words. A gentle picture book to soothe the soul.'
-- Barbara Henderson, for What's On North

'Such a sweet story about love and friendship and letting go; it's hopeful and heartwarming.'
-- Kiss the Book Jr

Praise for Louise Greig:

'She weaves magic with every word.'
-- The Herald

'Greig's soaring, unrhymed poetry, creates a sense of night’s scale, richness and enveloping magic.'
-- The Guardian on The Night Box

'A breathtaking, quiet story.'
-- Times Literary Supplement on Between Tick and Toc


Louise Greig is a multi-award winning poet and author born in Scotland. She has featured on the shortlist for several major children's book awards, including the Waterstones Children's Book Prize. Inspired by the Scottish landscape and the company of animals, Louise's picture books include The Island and the Bear (Floris Books) and Kate Greenaway nominated The Night Box (Egmont). She lives in Aberdeen with her rescue greyhound, Smoky.

Júlia Moscardó is a Spanish illustrator and visual artist currently based in Nottingham, UK. She studied Fine Art in Valencia, Spain, and Children’s Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art.

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