Happy Animals: Friends Not Food

Liora Raphael and Glenn Saks; Illustrated by Susan Szecsi

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  • An accessible way for children to start to understand animals and the connection between all living things
  • A gentle, age-appropriate introduction to veganism

An entertaining introduction to six animals, to help children appreciate them as the loveable, sentient creatures they are.

240 x 280 mm
Vegan Publishers
Picture Books;
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 4 to 8 years
32 pages
Publication date:
28 Feb 2020


This cheerful, illustrated children's book provides an entertaining introduction to the meaning and compassion behind the choice to live a vegan lifestyle.

Kids will meet six named characters from the animal kingdom and learn fun facts about each so they can see them as the lovable, sentient creatures they are.

Children will learn about the connection between these living beings and their food in a positive and age-appropriate way.


Liora Raphael lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two children, and their poodle. While browsing in a bookstore in college she happened to pick up a book about animal testing in the cosmetics industry. After reading it cover to cover in the aisle, her outlook changed and she immediately became vegetarian, and eventually vegan. In addition to spending time with her family and friends, Liora loves hiking, photography and reading mystery novels.

Glenn Saks lives in Los Angeles with his wife. He enjoys hiking in the nearby San Gabriel mountains and puttering around on his kayak. At the same time as he was analysing legal precedent and contract clauses, Glenn also began analysing what he was putting on his plate. He had long noticed the disconnect between children enjoying stories with cute animals as the hero, and how often those very same animals were being fed to them at meal time.

Susan Szecsi is a classically trained freelance illustrator and visual storyteller, living with her husband in Berkeley. Susan has worked with clients such as Scholastic, Chicago Review Press, Stanford University Press, Hunter House Publishers, and UCSF.

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