Honey Bee Haven

Leonore Russell

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  • A gentle story to introduce young children to the work honey bees do and the vital place they have in the world
  • Suitable as an early reader for Classes 1 to 3 and as a teacher resource for Classes 3 to 5 in the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum
  • Written by an experienced Waldorf teacher

An early reader and teacher resource for Steiner-Waldorf schools suitable for Classes 1-5, introducing children to the importance of bees through the seasons on a farm.

254 x 203 mm
Waldorf Publications
Steiner-Waldorf Education
35 colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 6 to 10 years
36 pages
Publication date:
26 May 2022


A classic early reader for Steiner-Waldorf schools to teach children about the important life of the honey bee on a farm.

Beekeeper Bruce rescues a swarm of bees and gives them a home on a small farm. He introduces the bees and helps children understand more about them, allowing them to overcome their fear of insects and encouraging them to love these tiny creatures. The book travels through the seasons on the farm with the rich watercolour illustrations. As children see how the bees live and work together in harmony – in the hive to make honey and in the fields to pollinate many types of flowers and vegetables – they discover that the honeybee is one of the farmer's best friends.


Leonore Russell is a eurythmist who has taught at the Waldorf School of Garden City, New York and at Adelphi University for over thirty years. Recently she has worked on a farm programme for young people from city environments, introducing them to the glory of open spaces, the mystery of animals and plants, and the generosity of honey bees.

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