A Slice of Life

A Personal Story of Healing Through Cancer

Lee Sturgeon-Day

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In this account of her illness and healing from breast cancer, Lee Sturgeon-Day writes vividly and clearly of all she learnt, and her experience of anthroposophical medicine.

220 x 140 mm
Floris Books
Holistic Health
160 pages
Publication date:
01 Sep 2001


Fourteen years ago, Lee Sturgeon-Day was diagnosed with breast cancer. Three years later, after a variety of treatments, her annual check-up showed her to be completely clear. In this account of her illness and healing, she writes vividly and clearly of all she learnt through her experience.
At the difficult stage of assessing all the medical options, from surgery to complementary medicine, her choice was to look to anthroposophical medicine, a 'whole person' approach informed by the insights of Rudolf Steiner.
Working with doctors and healers to restore wholeness to her body and spirit, through a range of therapies and treatments, she found that much of her personality was called on to change. She learned above all that she did not have to -- nor even could -- 'do it all by herself'.


Lee Sturgeon-Day was born in England in 1941 and educated in England, Italy and France. For three years, she was personal assistant to the late Poet Laureate, Sir John Betjeman. She has also been involved in teaching, counselling, writing food guides, managing a London coffee house, farming, and flame-throwing in a circus. She currently lives in Arizona and works in adult education. She has one son.

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