Parenting in the Here and Now

Realizing the Strengths You Already Have

Lea Page

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  • A refreshingly different parenting guide offering advice on managing challenges in the moment
  • Includes practical advice and techniques born from extensive personal experience
  • Written by an experienced mentor to homeschooling mothers

Offers devastatingly practical ways of managing parental challenges with the skills you already have.

234 x 156 mm
Floris Books
Parenting & Child Health
200 pages
Publication date:
16 Apr 2015


Being a good parent doesn't mean being perfect, learning complex theories or finding another twelve hours in the day. Parenting in the Here and Now offers a refreshingly different way. Rather than striving for -- and failing to reach -- a frustrating ideal, parents can start from where they are right now -- and enjoy a more harmonious family life almost immediately.

Lea Page shows how to recognise emotions that get in the way, and how to stay calm rather than getting overwhelmed. Her practical parenting philosophy, born from many years of personal experience, observation and reflection, encourages parents to respond to children with action rather than words.

Parenting in the Here and Now is filled with examples of how to manage parental challenges in the moment, from tantrums and whining to lying and disrespect. Parents will appreciate the new confidence and calm authority this book -- a true companion -- gives them.


'Lea brings her warmth, her wit and her wisdom and walks with you heart-to-heart, and side-by-side on the mysterious path of parenting. I whoeheartedly recommend it to all grandparents, aunts, uncles, best friends, and teachers... everyone who loves a child and loves their parents.'
Lynn Jericho,

'How wonderful to open a book and feel that you have been invited into the author's home to experience the heart of her family life! Lea warmly and graciously engages her reader in her journey as a parent. With humour and candour, she encourages every parent not to try to be something that they are not, but rather to be the best that they already are. This book is an empowering guide to a truly heart-centered way of parenting.'
-- Donna Simmons, Christopherus Homeschool Resources

'Lea Page points parents to a gentler path in her book Parenting in the Here and Now. She urges parents to face their fear and transform it to courage, a skill that allows presence of heart and mind for the most important job on the planet -- ushering children into adulthood.'
-- Lisa Groen Braner, Author of The Mother's Book of Well-Being


Lea Page has mentored Steiner-Waldorf homeschooling mothers for a decade and has many years experience as a La Leche League leader. She and her husband homeschooled both their children in rural Montana. Lea has studied education, literature and leadership. She now lives and writes in New Hampshire.

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