Autism: Meet Me Who I Am

An Educational, Sensory and Nutritional Approach to Childhood Autism

Lakshmi Prasanna and Michael Kokinos

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  • Two experienced physicians go behind the diagnostic labels to discuss a holistic approach to autism
  • Challenges family members and professional caregivers to work together in dynamic, therapeutic communities
  • An approach which encompasses not only medical but also social, pedagogical and environmental considerations

An inspiring account of a unique approach to autism, which involves going behind the diagnostic labels and holistically addressing all aspects of the child and their environment.

216 x 140 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Parenting & Child Health
132 pages
Publication date:
16 Aug 2018


Autism manifests in an incredible diversity of characteristics, including but by no means limited to communication issues, repetitive behaviour, and lack of eye contact. In this important book, two experienced physicians go behind the diagnostic labels and the consultation room to a holistic approach for autism.

For each unique child, they ask how behaviour differs in different places or with different people, and why; they explore the influences of different types of food; and they ask what sensory needs lie behind particular behaviour. Their approach encompasses not only medical but, primarily, social, pedagogical and environmental considerations, and its from this starting point that they endeavour to build a community of support for a child.

This approach challenges family members and professional caregivers to step out of their silos and work together in dynamic, therapeutic communities. Autism: Meet Me Who I Am tells the story of this journey of co-working, drawing inspiration from the children themselves.


Dr Lakshmi Prasanna is a pediatrician with a specialty in neonatology and a special interest in autism. She directed a neonatal intensive care unit for fifteen years and now runs a curative center for special needs children in Hyderabad, South India. Cofounder and president of the Anthroposophical Medical Society in India, she has worked extensively in India and Australia as a lecturer and health educator, particularly in school communities.

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Michael Kokinos is a physiotherapist with a clinical practice in Australia, Blue Sky Therapies, specializing in craniosacral work. He has worked extensively on innovative health care projects with government and Aboriginal leaders in the remote North of Australia, and visits India regularly, mainly to support families of autistic children and conduct joint workshops with Dr Lakshmi Prasanna for therapists, special educators, and parents.

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