Lao Tzu and Anthroposophy

A Translation of the Tao Te Ching with Commentary

Kwan-Yuk Claire Sit

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  • Examines the similarities between the paths of Tao and anthroposophy

A new translation of the central philosophical work of Taoism, examined in the light of anthroposophy.

228 x 153 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Religion & Spirituality
192 pages
Publication date:
31 Oct 2013
2nd edition


According to tradition, Lao Tzu wrote the eighty-one short chapters of his Tao Te Ching around the sixth to fourth centuries B.C.E. It became the foundational philosophical work of Taoism, significantly inspired early masters of Zen Buddhism, and, for more than a century, has been widely embraced in the West as an astounding work of universal truths. Through deceptively simple imagery, Lao Tzu gave us a guide to life, both spiritual and physical, that is no less valid today than when it was written more than 2,500 years ago.

Claire Sit, the author of The Lord’s Prayer: An Eastern Perspective, brings us her translation of the Tao Te Ching and, through her deep study and understanding of that text, examines each chapter and places it in the light of Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy. In the process, she shows how -- although the path of Tao and that of Anthroposophy seem quite different -- they complement each other and share many qualities and, in many ways, illumine the hidden truths each has to offer. As in Anthroposophy, on the path of Tao one looks within to know the world and into the world to know one’s self.

Just as we can learn much about ourselves by looking outward to the world and to others, we can also better understand the depths of Anthroposophy by penetrating wisdom traditions beyond our own path. Indeed, Lao Tzu and Anthroposophy will generate much food for reflection and meditation for the reader.

Also includes 'The Great One Excretes Water', a recently discovered text by Lao Tzu that further illumines his profound philosophy of Tao.


Kwan-Yuk Claire Sit grew up in Hong Kong and moved to the US to study. She holds a PhD in pure mathematics from the City University of New York and is Professor Emerita at La Guardia Community College. She is deeply interested in Eastern philosophy and Anthroposophy, and her hobbies include knitting, Chinese calligraphy, and Tang and Sung poems.

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