Natural Birth

A Holistic Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding

Kristina Turner


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  • A hugely inspiring book on transforming a woman's experience of childbirth
  • Provides readers with the necessarily knowledge to make informed choices during each stage of their pregnancy, including hospital procedures and options for home birth
  • A practical guide on applying esoteric knowledge to the whole process of having a baby

A practical and hugely inspiring book on applying esoteric knowledge to the whole process of having a baby.

Floris Books
Parenting & Child Health; Holistic Health
144 pages
Publication date:
30 Apr 2014


In our society childbirth is often viewed as something to be feared and even to be avoided, through elective caesarian or extreme pain suppression. In this uplifting book Kristina Turner applies esoteric knowledge to show practical ways of transforming a difficult experience into a positive and deeply spiritual one.

Kristina looks closely at the physical processes that take place in the body during pregnancy and childbirth, as well at explaining the facts behind hospital procedures and options for home birth -- providing readers with the necessary knowledge to make their own choices. She feels that birthing should be viewed as a unified process, from the nine months of pregnancy through labour to the many months of breastfeeding; all three stages contribute to developing the bond between mother and child and the child's emotional function.

Kristina writes beautifully about the sacred mystery inherent in conception and pregnancy, and guides the new mother towards being a conscious participant in the spiritual process of bringing life into this world. This book is both very practical and hugely inspiring.


'Can there be any natural process of our human life that is intrinsically more spiritual than childbirth? Kristina Turner's book clearly shows us the spirituality of childbirth while holding fast to all the practical, physical and emotional elements that need our support from others and our essential attention from inside ourselves -- no matter who we are.'
-- Jacob Needleman, author of 'What Is God?'

'In Natural Birth, Kristina Turner writes from essence and being according to her own experience and understanding. This is a book that all men on the face of Earth should read, even more than women.'
-- Will Mesa

"In Natural Birth, Kristina Turner assists mothers to participate ever more deeply in the sacred process of carrying and giving birth to another being. This shows women how to bear and to nurture the birth of their own experience and the natural mother emerges full of grace and courage. Her role is like that of a cosmic midwife for mothers, coaching women to experience the birth of their own inner life and inviting women to enter into the incredible mystery of their own experience. The book welcomes women, again and again, to come inside, to come and eat from the table of the universal mother. At the same time, Kristina Turner is eminently practical and makes no pretenses the path of childbirth and motherhood is strewn with rose petals but she points and reminds us of another level. This book is so absolutely needed. It is inspiring and a great service."
-- Toddy Smyth, author and Gurdjieff academic

"This unusual and beautifully written book offers a new perspective towards the joys and traumas which surround the process of giving birth to a new human being."
-- Rosemary Nott, Gurdjieff Movements teacher

'This book will help those who are passionate about natural birth and those who like the concept but for whatever reason remain sceptical. "Natural Birth" can genuinely help mothers and their birthing companions realise that calm, gentle, maybe even exhilarating births will, can and do happen.'
-- Sarah Buchanan, HypnoBirthing Practitioner

'Kristina Turner's book "Natural Birth" is truly the key to us birthing ourselves into motherhood.'
-- Hanisi K. Accetta, Doula

'This is not an ordinary book about preparing for childbirth. Swedish-born Kristina Turner's approach covers all the usual physical, psychological and medical facts of conception, pregnancy and birth, from an enlightened spiritual perspective ... This wise and life-enhancing book is practical in every sense of the word, inviting women to experience childbirth and motherhood as whole beings of body, mind and spirit, and imbuing their children with a sense of the sacred.'
-- The Lymington Times and New Milton Advertiser

'Having witnessed the natural birth process of our own children, and I can recognise the wisdom distilled in this timely book which summarises all that has been learned over the last 50 years, along with insights gleaned from the author's own experience of childbirth... Overall, the book encourages new mothers to take an active role in the birth process, becoming participants rather than simply consumers of a health service.'
-- David Lorimer, Scientific and Medical Network Review

'This, says author Kristina, is a book which takes a very different approach to its subject. The book is the first to approach this subject from a perspective of esoteric teachings, or spiritual ways. Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding can be a profound process for women. The hope is that the book will assist women to take more conscious responsibility for their experience, allowing birth to become a living metaphor for the possibility of a higher gestation, birth and nurturing in the inner life. Kristina has three children and works passionately to help women have a positive experience of pregnancy. This is a practical guide and also an inspiring work to help women view this wonderful time in a different light.'
-- Brian Page, Mensa Magazine

'In Natural Birth, a Holistic Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Breastfeeding Kristina Turner talks about conception, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and motherhood from both a practical and a spiritual perspective. Kristina encourages mothers to reach out to embrace the experience of birth and motherhood and provides an additional perspective for those on a spiritual path. Kristina is very sincere and open in her approach. She encourages mothers to spend time holding their children, affirming that they are loved and supported. She provides excellent advice on breastfeeding and motherhood. She is supportive for both hospital and home birth. I recommend this book to those who are looking for an open and supportive approach.'
--June Loy, Associate Editor Gurdjieff International Review, Retired Editor of the Pittsburgh Organization of Childbirth Education (POCE)

'An esoteric, reflective guide which explores the spiritual elements of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. Turner elucidates a number of deeply insightful concepts. The detailed narrative of conception and gestation is exquisite, compelling and original; reading about what is going on unseen in your womb shows the true miracle of childbearing.'
-- Juno magazine


Kristina Turner was born in Halmstad, Sweden and was educated in Sweden, Canada and the UK. She worked in merchant banking before becoming a student of esoteric teachings, the spiritual Ways that lie at the heart of all the great religions. She has three children and works passionately to help women have a positive experience of pregnancy, childbirth and nurturing a child.

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