The Alpha Beta Book

An Introduction to Ancient Greek

Keith McCrary

Out of print

Quick Look

  • Starts with the Greek alphabet, then introduces songs and rhythms
  • Learn to count and recite some key texts
  • Learn some ancient history along the way!

A fun, accessible book for learning some basic Ancient Greek. Suitable for adult beginners and children; ideal for Class 5 in the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum.

228 x 170 mm
Waldorf Publications
Steiner-Waldorf Education
b/w illustrations
64 pages
Publication date:
25 Jul 2013


Can learning Ancient Greek ever be fun? Keith McCrary sets out to show: of course it can!

The book starts with the Greek alphabet, and before you know, you'll be speaking it in different rhythms, in a series of accents, and even singing it.

Pictographs for the letters of the Greek alphabet are included, and there are many opportunities to learn about Greek words that have English 'cousins'. As well as learning to count to twenty, you'll learn to recite the first lines of Homer's Odyssey, some well-known philosophical sayings, and much more -- and learn some history along the way.

Suitable for adult beginners as well as children, this fun, accessible book is based on the author's thirty years of experience of teaching in Steiner-Waldorf schools.

Includes an audio CD with examples of songs, counting and recitals.

Suitable for Class 5 in the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum.

Table of Contents

CD contents:
Audio lessons to accompany the material in the book:
Introduction: "Go with me to a distant land..."
Learning the Greek alphabet (and singing it to the traditional alphabet song)
Counting from 1 to 20
Philosophical sayings and excerpts from literature: Homer's The Odyssey, the Prayer to Zeus (recited at the opening of the fifth grade pentathlon), first lines of The Gospel of John
with musical interludes and a farewell
Run time: approx 40 minutes


'This is an excellent introduction for anyone interested in learning about langauge. The illustrations lift the words off the page and into the imagination. I recommend it for classrooms and homes.'
Paul R Brown, Maui District School Superintendant, ret.


Keith McCrary has introduced hundreds of children and adults to Ancient Greek in over thirty years of teaching in Waldorf schools in the USA, Japan and Mexico.

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