Making Soft Toys

Karin Neuschütz; Translated by Susan Beard

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  • Step-by-step instructions to make dolls, teddy bears, puppets and animals
  • Beautifully illustrated with colour photographs, patterns and clear diagrams
  • Includes a range of projects for all levels of experience which can be sewn by machine or hand

Step by step instructions, fully illustrated, for making a range of fabric soft toys: dolls, glove puppets, teddy bears, cuddly animals, farm animals and wild animals.

229 x 210 mm
Floris Books
Crafts & Activities
colour illustrations
112 pages
Publication date:
20 Sep 2012


This beautifully illustrated craft book explains how to make a range of fabric soft toys: from dolls and their clothes, glove puppets, teddy bears and cuddly animals, to smaller animals for a farm scene or wildlife park. Each project includes step-by-step instructions and clear diagrams, as well as patterns and colour photographs.

The adorable finished toys are sure to be loved and played with for many years.

The projects are suitable for both beginners and those more experienced at sewing. They can all be sewn by hand, rather than machine, if preferred.

Table of Contents

Materials, Tools and Sewing Tips
Soft Dolls
Soft Animals
Miniature Dolls
Farm Animals
Wildlife Park
Glove Puppets


Karin Neuschütz is from Sweden. She studied psychology, education and sociology and has always been interested in crafts. She has written many books that teach parents and teachers easy and fun ideas for making their own children's dolls and toys including Sewing Dolls and Creative Wool (both Floris Books).


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