The Crisis Manual

A Guide for Teachers and Carers of Young Children

Karen Miller

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A source book addressing many issues faced by teachers for children of all ages, including bereavement, illness, racism, community violence, child abuse and divorce.

240 x 190 mm
Floris Books
Parenting & Child Health
352 pages
Publication date:
21 Oct 1999


This is a wonderful source book for teachers of nursery and primary age children, as well as for those providing childcare. It addresses many problems that teachers and carers have to deal with, including : bereavement, illness, racism, community violence, various forms of child abuse and divorce.

The Crisis Manual gives guidance for dealing with children who are suffering from these emotional issues as well as many other crises which teachers and carers have to cope with in the course of their work. The book offers teachers and carers a structured approach to helping difficult children manage their behaviour : describing the problems and how to respond to them, giving insights from child development, and suggesting when help should be sought.

The Crisis Manual provides curriculum ideas and activities for a wide range of solutions. Useful contact and resource information is listed, as well as appropriate reading material for children.


Karen Miller has over 25 years' experience in the field of early childhood development. She has worked extensively for children's organisations in the United States, as well as working as a consultant for the Eastern European Children's Aid Corporation. She was the editor of Scholastic's Pre-K Today magazine, and now writes an infant and toddler care column for Child Care Information Exchange magazine.

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