The Living Kitchen

Organic Vegetarian Cooking for Family and Friends

Jutka Harstein

Out of print

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  • A beautiful hardback book full of nourishing recipes for the whole family to enjoy
  • Inspired by the ideas of Rudolf Steiner, it includes advice on nutrition and planning balanced meals to nourish body, mind and spirit
  • All the recipes are organic, vegetarian and kosher

Jutka Harstein's restaurant customers have long known the wonders of her recipes: delicious, nourishing meals enjoyed by all the family. In this beautiful cookbook, she shares the secrets of her living kitchen.

254 x 210 mm
Floris Books
Biodynamics & Organics
over 200 b/w illustrations
232 pages
Publication date:
20 Sep 2012


A cookbook to live by: a cookbook to love.

The Living Kitchen is Jutka Harstein's celebration of good health and deliciousness, overflowing with easy-to-follow recipes full of life forces: a bountiful resource for your kitchen.

Jutka has run the restaurant at the Harduf Kibbutz, Israel, for twenty years. This wonderful cookbook was born from her philosophy of sharing her recipes whenever asked, and the enthusiastic demand of her customers. The dishes are interspersed with captivating personal anecdotes telling of the inspirations behind her nourishing cuisine and her Rudolf Steiner-inspired philosophy of food.

The Living Kitchen offers colourful meals for children, feasts for family and friends, warming winter soups, fresh summer salads, meals for the week using seven different whole grains, plus advice on nutrition and on planning balanced meals that will nourish body, mind and spirit.

All the recipes are kosher and vegan recipes are indicated.


'this book delivers countless inventive options for non-meat eaters in a charming and uncomplicated way.'
-- Choice Magazine

'This is a very beautiful book and its author a wonderfully imaginative and artistic soul ... This book is about food, it is also about life and how we relate to the world. Amongst the many recipes there are stories of her childhood, of adult experiences about her understanding of life and about the way plants and nutrition should be understood. She is a devotee of biodynamic food and is able to explain in clear and accessible language the nature of a threefold plant and why it is important to prepare a meal in such a way that a balance of root, leaf and flower/seed is always included ... Most recipe books sit on the shelf till they are needed. This one can be read through almost like a novel. It is an excellent read for anyone wishing to bring new life and interest to the magic of cooking and food preparation.'
-- Bernard Jarman, former Executive Director of the Biodynamic Agricultural Association

'I would recommend the book to existing Moosewood and whole-food fans, plus anyone who receives an organic fruit and vegetable box or grows their own fruit and veg.'
-- We Don't Eat Anything With a Face blog

'The Living Kitchen is Jutka Harstein's celebration of good health and deliciousness, overflowing with easy-to-follow recipes: a bountiful resource for your kitchen.'
-- OM Yoga


Jutka (Judith) Harstein Cohn was born a Hungarian in Transylvania (Romania). She emigrated to Israel in 1974 at the age of twenty-one, and taught English in high schools. After discovering anthroposophy, she moved to Forest Row in England where learned more about Rudolf Steiner and cooked for people with disabilities. Since her return to Israel, she has managed the organic, vegetarian restaurant at Kibbutz Harduf, and she lectures on nutrition in Waldorf schools.


Watch Jutka cook delicious recipes from her book:


To find out more about Jutka, the creation of The Living Kitchen and to try out some sample recipes you can visit The Living Kitchen blog

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