Healing Massage for Babies and Toddlers

Julia Woodfield; Translated by Anna Cardwell

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Explains when massage is helpful, the benefits of massage, and demonstrates different techniques.

240 x 208 mm
Floris Books
Parenting & Child Health
60 b/w photographs and 30 diagrams
128 pages
Publication date:
26 Aug 2004


A loving touch and bodily contact is essential for the healthy development of all babies and toddlers.

The methods discussed in this book will help to firmly establish the parent-child relationship. Parents of premature or sick newborns will find them particularly helpful, giving them the confidence to touch their children in ways which will aid their recovery. All techniques can be used in tandem with conventional methods.

Julia Woodfield introduces different massage techniques, including the Leboyer, kangaroo and polarity methods. Other complementary therapies, such as Bach flower remedies, are also discussed. Photographs and illustrations help to demonstrate the different methods.

This is an essential book for any parent who wants to know what they can do for the well-being of their child.


'A beautiful and useful book that gives a comprehensive account of healing massage, beginning with the birth process and following through the various phases of early development. A book for all families with young children.'
-- Scientific and Medical Network Review, January 2005

'The clear photographs make this a handsome book. It will be a useful resource for baby massage courses.'
-- Educare Journal


Julia Woodfield is a trained masseuse specialising in baby massage. She has taught yoga and is also a qualified herbalist. She teaches baby massage in hospitals and nursery schools, and worked with Dr Ruth Rice, researching the scientific effects of baby massage on the child.

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