The Sixfold Path

Six Simple Exercises for Spiritual Development

Joop van Dam; Translated by Otto Koene

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  • Shows how to take charge in everyday situations with six simple exercises
  • These exercises will help the reader to balance action and openness, self-control and feelings, thinking and trust, to help them in everyday situations
  • A concise, practical book inspired by the ideas of Rudolf Steiner

Six exercises which balance action and openness, self-control and feelings, thinking and trust, to help us in everyday situations.

216 x 138 mm
Floris Books
Religion & Spirituality; Holistic Health
96 pages
Publication date:
19 Jan 2012


Spiritual development is a daunting phrase, but spirituality can be an everyday aspect our lives, helping us in difficult moments.

Using this down-to-earth approach, the author presents six exercises which will help us take charge of our life in day-to-day situations, as well as in our relationships. These exercises bring us closer to our selves, and to the world around us, and they offer a balance between action and openness, self-control and feelings, thinking and trust.

Joop van Dam builds on the ideas of Rudolf Steiner in this concise, practical book.


'I am confident that those familiar with Rudolf Steiner's work will find Joop van Dam's insightful commentary on the subsidiary exercises refreshingly helpful, a loving gesture of true companionship on the pilgrimage of weaving outer destinies and inner destinations with deep gratitude. Those unfamilar with Rudolf Steiner's work may experience encountering a new landscape, perhaps feeling drawn to find out more about Steiner's How to Know Higher Worlds and An Outline of Esoteric Science.'
-- Camphill Correspondence


Until his retirement, Joop van Dam was a medical practitioner in Haarlem, the Netherlands. He is active in education in the Anthroposophical Society in the Netherlands.


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