Muck and Mind

Encountering Biodynamic Agriculture: An Alchemical Journey

Jonathan Michael Code

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  • Considers how the consciousness behind the biodynamic approach is significantly different from that behind mainstream farming
  • Examines how biodynamic agriculture can be a catalyst for the transformation of consciousness and culture

Examines how the biodynamic approach to agriculture can transform consciousness.

229 x 152 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Biodynamics & Organics
212 pages
Publication date:
08 Jan 2015


There is a profound, qualitative difference between the approach of biodynamic agriculture and mainstream factory farming or genetic modification. However, Jonathan Code argues that the most significant difference is not between the practical methods employed, but in the consciousness behind those methods.

This insightful book examines how the biodynamic approach to land stewardship, and a deeper understanding of how to work with the land, plants and animals, can become a catalyst not only for the transformation of compost and soil, but also for the transformation of consciousness.

This is a book for anyone interested in not only healthy agriculture, but how it feeds a healthy culture.


'Vivid and insightful. . . a useful and approachable text for those interested in the relationship between nature and the human being.'
-- Dennis Klocek, author of Sacred Agriculture

'This book is admirable and timely, even courageous, in attempting a new perspective on natural science in general, and biodynamics in particular, by way of alchemy… a book for serious study and reflection.'
-- Dr Richard Thornton Smith, author of Cosmos, Earth, and Nutrition


Jonathan Code is a teacher, gardener and alchemist. He lives in Stroud, England.


This book is available in the US from Steiner Books.

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