Eureka! The Life and Times of Archimedes

A Musical Play in One Act

John Trevillion; Jeff Spade

Out of print

Quick Look

  • Perfect for students in Classes 5 to 12 (age 11-18) with a strong script and lyrics
  • Lots of opportunities to make Archimedes laws of maths memorable for children
  • By a Waldorf class teacher with extensive experience of writing and staging plays

An ingenious play which presents highlights of the life and death of this master of maths and science. For Classes 5-12 (age 11-18).

280 x 216 mm
Waldorf Publications
Steiner-Waldorf Education; Waldorf Publications
128 pages
Publication date:
19 May 2016


Archimedes of Syracuse (287–212 BC) was a mathematician of the highest order in Ancient Greece along with being a philosopher, an engineer, an inventor, a physicist, and a geometrist. He was favoured by the king of Syracuse, and this is little wonder since Archimedes solved many engineering problems for the king. Archimedes for example, figured out a way to get the water out of a hull in one of the King's ships using a machine he invented.

This ingenious musical in one act presents highlights of the life and death of this master of maths and science. The strong script, lyrics, and glorious music make this a grand offering for students from Classes 5 to 12. Opportunities for orchestra, chorus, actors, set and costume design -- and making Archimedes's laws of maths and physics memorable -- abound in this masterpiece of a manageable play.


John Trevillion has written many class plays during his more than 30 years a Waldorf class teacher. His first musical, Music of the Spheres, written in collaboration with Merwin Lewis, was first performed at the Detroit Waldorf School, and has subsequently been performed in schools on four continents. Eureka! emerged from a joyful partnership with then Chicago Waldorf School colleague and friend, Jeff Spade. He is currently working on his new play, The Chemical History of Michael Faraday.

Jeff Spade has worked in Waldorf education for over 25 years, having been the music director at the Kimberton Waldorf School, the Chicago Waldorf School, and the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City, as well as an instructor at teacher training institutes, including Antioch University New England, the Center for Anthroposophy, Arcturus Rudolf Steiner Education Program, and the Rudolf Steiner Institute. Although having written many 'little ditties' for class plays in his career, Eureka! represents his first foray into a full-scale musical.

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