Saturn, Mary, Sophia

Star Wisdom Volume 2 with monthly ephemerides and commentary for 2020

Edited by Joel Matthew Park

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An annual guide to star wisdom, focused for 2020 on Saturn, Isis, Mary and Sophia.

280 x 216 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Astrology & Cosmology
232 pages
Publication date:
21 Nov 2019


This year's edition of Star Wisdom highlights the 100-year anniversary of the lecture series 'Isis, Mary, Sophia' given by Rudolf Steiner in December 1920. Over the course of these lectures, Steiner laid out the path for new forms of both star wisdom and nature wisdom, which laid the basis for his Astronomical Course given a month later.

According to the anonymous author of Meditations on the Tarot, the guiding being of the Saturn Sphere is none other than the Virgin Mary -- who has manifested in history as both Isis and Sophia. The year 2020 is a very special year for the planet Saturn: the year begins with a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in January, and ends with a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in December.

This year’s contributions will highlight, from a variety of perspectives, the influence and guidance we may receive in a particularly potent way during the year 2020 -- the year of Saturn, Isis, Mary, Sophia.


Joel Park is a coworker at Plowshare Farm (a Camphill affiliate) in Greenfield, New Hampshire. He is inspired by the work of Robert Powell.
Joel Matthew Park is a Hermeticist based in Copake, New York. From 2011-19 he was a life-sharing coworker at Plowshare Farm (a Camphill affiliate), farming and candlemaking with people from a variety of countries, ages, and developmental backgrounds. During this time he earned a certification in Social Therapy from the School of Spiritual Science through the Camphill Academy. He is now, along with his wife Molly, householding in Ita Wegman, an elder care house in Camphill Village Copake. Joel has been a student of Anthroposophy since 2008 and a Christian Hermeticist since 2010. In 2015, he joined the Grail Knighthood, a group spiritual practice offered through the Sophia Foundation. Through this he met Robert Powell, whose work he had been studying since 2009. Since then, Joel has been actively working with him to continue the karma research Robert began in 1977, and exemplified in works such as Hermetic Astrology, volumes I and II, and Elijah, Come Again. Joel has led two retreats on “Tarot and the Art of Hermetic Conversation” (in 2017 and 2019), and given talks on the karmic biography of Anfortas, the Three Essentials of Camphill, and the Ideal Social Organism. Most recently he led courses on Astrological Biography and an exploration of Dieter Brull’s Creating Social Sacraments. His first contribution was to the Journal for Star Wisdom 2018, after which he became editor of the continuation of the journal, the Star Wisdom series.

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