Lost Kingdom of the Andes

Jim Allen

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Scientific and cartographic research pinpoint the location of Atlantis in South America.

240 x 208 mm
Floris Books
Mind, Body, Spirit
100 colour illustrations
240 pages
Publication date:
21 May 2009


This remarkable study is the culmination of thirty years’ research into the possibility that the continent we know today as ‘South America’ is none other than the ancient continent of Atlantis. Assembling a wide body of evidence, the study concludes that the fabled lost city of Atlantis itself, as described by Plato, may have existed on the Altiplano in Bolivia, identifying a site complete with a rectangular plain, concentric rings of land and water channels just as Plato described it.

The true history of this remote, beautiful and fascinating region was lost as a result of the Spanish Conquest when the continent was renamed America. Indeed the first accounts of Inca history by Spanish writers of the period, later suppressed by the authorities and only recently made public, confirm that ‘America’ was originally known as Atlantis.

Now, for the first time, Jim Allen’s research presents an ‘Atlantis theory’ backed up with full documentation of a site which corresponds to Plato’s detailed description on a wide variety of points: the level rectangular plain, the mysterious metal ‘orichalcum’, red, black and white stones, hot and cold springs, the five pairs of twin sons, as well as the local legend of a city sunk by earthquakes, leaving a site which can still be visited today.

The book is lavishly illustrated with line drawings and photographs, many taken during the author’s expeditions in the field.


'The investigator Jim Allen put forward a few years ago a revolutionary
hypothesis about the location of Atlantis on the Bolivian Altiplano … some recent discoveries, such as the discovery that the American continent was populated much earlier than previously thought, appear to back him up.'
-- 'Mas Alla' Magazine

'This is a very readable account, a bit of a page-turner actually. I found the theories behind this book entirely plausible, based upon Jim Allen's aerial maps and on local archaeology. Even the local mythology parallels the myths retold in the Greek account … for those who find the legend and the reality a source of fascination, for anyone who likes to explore a mystery further, this book will not disappoint.'
-- Inner Light Magazine

'Allen seems to have discovered a number of intriguing mysteries requiring investigation'
-- John Billingsley, Northern Earth

The author, who was a photographic interpreter with RAF Intelligence, has come up with a humdinger of a new theory.
-- BM Cauldron

'His research is methodical, detailed and supported by some excellent satellite photography… the theory is intriguing.'
-- Sarah Scott, Kindred Spirit Dec 2009

'Of all the locations proposed for Plato's Atlantis, this is one of the most intriguing, and Allen's tabulation of the requirements, if it does not quite prove his own, at least destroys the credibility of rival claims for Thera, Troy, Andalucia, the Azores, Cuba, and Antarctica.'
-- Josceylyn Gowin, author of Athanasius Kircher's Theatre of the World, in Scientific and Medical Network Review, Spring 2010


After serving with the Royal Air Force, Jim Allen used his expertise in mapping and aerial intelligence to identify the location of the site of Atlantis from Plato's description. After publishing his initial findings in Atlantis: The Andes Solution in 1998, he followed this up with numerous expeditions in the field. His research was the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary and earned him an honorary doctorate from Oruro Technical University in Bolivia. He lives in Cambridge.

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