The Selkie Girl

Janis Mackay; Illustrated by Ruchi Mhasane

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  • A lovely retelling of the traditional Scottish folk tale of the selkie, a seal who can become human
  • Introduces young children to traditional Scottish tales in a fun and engaging way

An adaptation of the beautiful traditional Scottish folk tale of the selkie (a seal who can become human). Shonagh's seal skin is found by a lonely little boy. Will Fergus and the selkie girl become friends?

294 x 219 mm
Floris Books
Picture Kelpies: Traditional Tales; Picture Kelpies
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 4 to 7 years
36 pages
Publication date:
18 Sep 2014
Picture Kelpies: Traditional Scottish Tales


Fergus lives with his father by the sea, but is lonely. He wants a friend more than anything.

One day Fergus finds treasure on the beach: a beautiful fur blanket hidden in the rocks. But Fergus doesn't know that his treasure belongs to someone else -- a selkie girl has lost her seal skin and can't go home to the sea without it.

Will Fergus give his new friend what she needs, and risk being lonely again?

This is a lovely retelling of the traditional Scottish folk tale of the selkie (a seal who can become human) adapted for a young audience. Beautifully written by storyteller and selkie storyteller Janis Mackay, the tale is accompanied by stunning illustrations by Ruchi Mhasane.

The Selkie Girl is one of the first titles released in the new Picture Kelpies: Traditional Scottish Tales range of picture books that bring classic Scottish folk and fairy tales to life for young children.


'Janis Mackay's thoughtful and touching retelling of this classic scottish folk tale is beautifully brought to life by Ruchi Mhasane's illustrations, and the lyrical text makes this a wonderful story to read before bedtime.'
-- ReadItDaddy

'Beautiful books which are a great introduction to the folklore genre... Wonderful stories which will give children a real sense of Scottish culture.'
-- Creative Steps

'This is a wonderful book about finding friends and contentment, beautifully illustrated.'
-- Juno magazine


Janis Mackay currently lives in Edinburgh, where she teaches creative writing and works as a writer and storyteller. She is the author of several novels for older children including the Magnus Fin trilogy, and The Accidental Time Traveller, winner of a Scottish Children's Book Award.

You can also visit the author's own website at

Ruchi Mhasane has a masters degree in Children's Book Illustration from Cambridge School of Art. She currently lives in India, where she grew up. She is the illustrator of The Fairy Song.


This book is in Floris Books' range of Traditional Scottish Tales which bring Scottish folk and fairy tales to life for young readers.

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