Magnus Fin and the Moonlight Mission

Janis Mackay

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  • Fans of Magnus Fin will love this exciting new adventure as he desperately tries to save his selkie family
  • This thrilling sequel is set in the north-east of Scotland and stars selkies, sea creatures and a secret threat
  • Magnus Fin and the Moonlight Mission is a quest/adventure story that will particularly appeal to boys

Magnus Fin is half selkie -- part human, part seal. When he discovers his initials scratched into the rocks by the shore, he knows his selkie family need his help and an exciting adventure begins.

198 x 130 mm
Floris Books
Age Range:
From 8 to 12 years
192 pages
Publication date:
24 Feb 2011
Magnus Fin


On his eleventh birthday, schoolboy Magnus Fin found out that he was half selkie -- part human, part seal. Although he looks like a boy and lives on land, he can breathe underwater.

When Magnus Fin discovers his initials scratched into the rocks by the shore and finds dead seals washed up on the beach, he knows his selkie family needs his help, and he dives down beneath the waves to find out more.

The great seal sickness has struck and his grandmother Miranda is dangerously ill. But Magnus Fin is sure there's another reason for their affliction. He sets out to reveal the truth, with just his moonstone, his last baby tooth and some seaweed from Neptune's garden for luck. Little does he know that his best friend Tarkin, who can't swim, is determined to join him on this perilous mission.

This is the exciting sequel to Kelpie Prize-winning Magnus Fin and the Ocean Quest.


'Janis Mackay's environmental message is clear but does not swamp her eminently readable story.'
-- Jane Sandell, The Scotsman, 9th April 2011.

'This beautifully written book will draw the reader into the warmth of Magnus Fin's world and take them on an adventure that will keep them turning the page... Sometimes moving and sometimes humorous but never dull this story covers, among other things, environmental issues.'
-- Armadillo Magazine

'...will carry any child away to an underwater world, which is familiar yet magical at the same time, for a good 200 pages.'
--Anna Phillips, New View, Spring 2011

'A well-written children's book that doesn't fail to entertain, educate and celebrate Scottish culture.'
-- Edinburgh Book Review, May 2011

'A gentle story which will be enjoyed by children who want a straightforward adventure tale where fantasy and environmental issues provide the young protagonists with the chance to outwit evil adults.'
-- Books for Keeps

'A beautifully crafted and clever story which will appeal to those with a feel for the sea and sea creatures, enhanced by rich descriptions of ocean life, and a narrative that shows good pace and humour.'
-- Steve Hird, School Librarian

'I liked this book because it had adventure and great characters.'
-- Sarah Tyrer, aged 10, Juno Magazine


Janis Mackay was born and grew up in Edinburgh, but moved to London to study journalism. She has an MA in Creative Writing and has held writer-in-residence posts in both Caithness and Sutherland. She currently lives in Edinburgh, where she teaches creative writing and works as a writer and storyteller.

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Magnus Fin and the Moonlight Mission is also available as an eBook for Kindle, iPhone, iPad and other eBook readers. Get it from your usual eBook seller.

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