Portrait of an Environmental Peace Project in Israel

Jan Martin Bang

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The inspiring story of a joint Arab-Jewish environmental project in a city in Northern Israel.

240 x 170 mm
Floris Books
Philosophy of Human Life
40 colour photographs
120 pages
Publication date:
23 Jul 2009


Sakhnin is an Arab city in Northern Israel. There, a remarkable project is underway, run by a group of dedicated Arabs and Jews, to teach environmental awareness to local school and university students. The centrepiece of the project is pioneering waste-water treatment, which is used to irrigate local farmland. In addition, Sakhnin’s Demonstration Centre attracts some 50,000 visitors a year, and the project has been a great force for inspiring new trust and hope in community relations.

This portrait of Sakhnin is based on interviews with local people, giving them a voice to tell their uplifting story, against a history and continuing background of conflict.


'This portrait of an enviromental project in northern Israel is an inspiring beacon of hope… Lavishly illustrated, this book brings the whole operation aliv with vivid portraits of those people central to the enterprise'
-- Scientific & Medical Network Review, Winter 2009/10


Jan Martin Bang, who stayed for seven months living and working in Sakhnin, has spent a lifetime in alternative communities, ranging from kibbutz in Israel to the Camphill community of Solborg in Norway. He has been a leading activist in Permaculture and ecovillage developments internationally. His two previous books, Ecovillages and Growing Eco-Communities are both published by Floris Books.

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