A Student's Guide to the Theory and Practice of Ecovillage Design

Jan Martin Bang

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  • An invaluable comprehensive sourcebook for students of ecovillage design -- perfect for students on the universal Permaculture Design Foundation Course
  • Covers every aspect of ecovillage design from sustainability, building and design, to economics and tools for development
  • Includes a number of richly-observed case studies

An invaluable source book which brings together everything a student on a Permaculture Design Course needs to know about ecovillage design.

234 x 156 mm
Floris Books
Philosophy of Human Life
over 200 b/w photographs
256 pages
Publication date:
21 May 2015


Permaculture design has been the bedrock of the growth of the worldwide network of Ecovillages since the mid 1990s. A well-developed set of educational programmes has evolved too. This book takes as its basis the well-known Permaculture Design Course.

This invaluable source book brings together everything students on such courses need to know about Ecovillage design. Starting with a historical survey of the tradition of intentional community, the book covers topics ranging from the size of community, gardening and farming, building and technology, to economics, and tools for helping communities to grow and develop.

Additionally, the guide features a number of richly observed Ecovillage case-studies with photographs, alongside lots of tips for facilitators and self-study groups.

This comprehensive book will also be of interest to those wishing to contribute to the founding and building of Ecovillage communities for a sustainable future.


Praise for Jan Bang's previous books on Ecovillages and Eco-communities:

'A comprehensive review for those who seek to initiate an ecovillage or for those in existing community who seek a transformation to a more sustainable way of life.'
-- International Communal Studies Association Bulletin

'The book has a clear and anecdotal style, and the details of the worldwide communities keep you inspired.'
-- Clean Slate: The Practical Journal of Sustainable Living

'A useful guide if you are considering planning or even joining an ecovillage.'
-- Building for a Future: The Independent Journal for Green Building

'A comprehensive guide to the principles and practice of sustainable communities.'
-- Scientific and Medical Network Review

'Part life testimony, part textbook for all kinds of sustainable living. An important snapshot of how community life has evolved since the communes of the 1970s. Life-affirming.'
-- Camphill Correspondence

'Jan Bang clearly has hands-on experience. This is a veritable source book.'
-- New View

'This book weaves together permaculture and ecovillage design as coherent strategies for sustainable living and is full of practical hands-on information as well as inspiration and insight.'
-- Permaculture

'Takes an inspiring, serious look at sustainability in alternative communities across the world, Food for thought for anyone wanting to rationalise their carbon footprint.'
-- Wave Magazine

'Practical in its approach and with a critical eye, the book paints a vivid picture of a variety of communal lives. For those of us not living in communities, it gives an excellent introduction to the problems faced and the joy in overcoming them.'
-- Living Lighty

'If you are part of a community, are thinking of establishing one or just wondered what makes a successful one work, this book will guide you through the thorny issues and how they can be dealt with. An invaluable handbook.'
-- Juno Magazine

'A candid, inspiring and practical book - essential reading.'
-- Positive News


Jan Martin Bang was born in Norway and educated in England. He has taught Permaculture design for nearly two decades, and has lived in income-sharing communities for twenty-five years, in Israel and Norway. He is a former chair of the International Communal Studies Association, and is a Fellow of the Findhorn Foundation. He lives in rural Norway. His four previous books, Ecovillages, Growing Eco-Communities, Sakhnin, and A Portrait of Camphill, are published by Floris Books.

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