Navigating the Terrain of Childhood

A Guidebook for Meaningful Parenting and Heartfelt Discipline

Jack Petrash

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Considers how to discipline your child effectively, with love and care, and how to plan for what stage might be coming next.

216 x 138 mm
Floris Books
Parenting & Child Health
128 pages
Publication date:
22 Oct 2009


Discipline, structure and boundaries are challenges all parents face with their children, and the specific issues vary with the age and stage of our children.

Jack Petrash, an experienced teacher and parent, explores parents' journeys using the analogy of a map, showing mountains and valleys, plains and coast, as representations of what parents, and children, face.

This is a warm, empathetic and practical book that will help any parent plan for the terrain ahead. It will give confidence in dealing with difficult behaviour, relationships and communication, always with love and care.


'This is an introduction to child development that should encourage readers to delve deeper into the landscape that their children are currently travelling'
-- Jill Taplin, New View, Winter 2009

'This is a book which every parent will want to read and reflect on'
-- The Scientific & Medical Network Review, Winter 2009/10

'Drawing on his years as both an educator and a parent, he shares many important lesons on parenting and discipline with reassuring wisdom… A very worthwhile book to have. 5 out of 6.'
-- Families South West, March 2010


Jack Petrash is an educator with over twenty-five years of classroom experience. He has written extensively on education and parenting and is the author of Understanding Waldorf Education (Floris Books, 2003). He is the founder and director of the Nova Institute which encourages dialogue between Steiner-Waldorf and mainstream education.

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