Green Fingers and Muddy Boots

A Year in the Garden for Children and Families

Ivor Santer

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Fun and practical activities to do in the garden every month of the year, ranging from growing flowers and vegetables, to spotting birds and tracking the weather. For seven-to-fourteen-year-olds.

229 x 210 mm
Floris Books
Crafts & Activities
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 5 to 10 years
112 pages
Publication date:
23 Apr 2009


Children benefit immensely from spending time outdoors in the fresh air, and a great way to get them outside is to encourage an interest in their garden.

This book, with accompanying worksheets on a CD (included), presents fun and practical activities to do in the garden every month of the year, come rain or shine. These range from growing flowers and vegetables, to spotting birds and tracking the weather, and keeping a 'garden diary'.

The activities are suitable for seven to fourteen-year-olds, and although older children will be able to work independently, it can be fun to work as part of a group such as a family or school class. Let them get their hands (or boots) dirty!

Green Fingers and Muddy Boots is based on the original Plant and Grow course developed with the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society, which has been used successfully by many families and schools for several years.

Table of Contents

So you want to be a gardener?
How to use this book
Gardening activity sheets
Young Gardener Certificate
Getting Started
Your garden environment
Tools and equipment
Accidents and first-aid
Nature's Garden
Climate and weather
Birds and wildlife
Keeping a garden diary
How Plants Grow
The plant and how it functions
Plant food
All About Plants!
Plant names and families
The garden lawn
What is a weed?
How long do plants live?
Growing Plants
Growing plants from seed
Taking cuttings
Growing spring bulbs
Garden Groceries
The vegetable garden
Growing herbs
Growing fruit
Plants in Pots
House plants
Outdoor containers
A Seasonal Guide to Gardening


'This is the perfect handbook for children and adults, be they parents or teachers ... Written in a very accessible style and complete with a CD packed full of worksheets, this guide is an indispensible starting point for anyone trying to encourage their children to become more involved in the garden ... there is something in here for everyone.'
-- Armadillo, Summer 2009

'Get the whole family involved in gardening with a new book full of ideas and information, developed in association with The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society.'
-- Woman Alive, June 2009

'Overall, a well produced book, full of information and inspiring activities for the would be gardener. This is a lovely book to share with a child or children.'
-- Irene Babskey, The School Librarian, Winter 2009

'A charming little book'
-- Matthew Biggs, BBC Radio 4, Gardeners' Question Time

'With accompanying worksheets on a CD, presents fun and practical activities to do in the garden every month of the year, come rain or shine.'
-- Inspire Magazine, April 2012


Ivor Santer was Deputy Principal at Oatridge Agricultural College until his retirement in 2003. He has lectured on agriculture at various institutions throughout the UK for 35 years. In 1998, he started work on a children's gardening course in conjunction with the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society which was finally finished in 2007, and has now become Green Fingers and Muddy Boots.


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