Stars' Roundelay

Isabel Wyatt

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A short collection of Isabel Wyatt's poetry.

210 x 148 mm
Lanthorn Press
Art & Literature
80 pages
Publication date:
01 Jan 1985


A short collection of Isabel Wyatt's poetry, first published in 1947. Includes some fragments of other poets' work translated by Isabel Wyatt.

Table of Contents

Seasons and Archangels:
Seasons and Archangels; St John's Eve; August Cornfield; Michaelmas Child; November Orchard; The HolyThorn; Holy Night; Easter Eve; Jubilate; Blessing on the Year
Macrocosm and Microcosm:
Mary Musing; Grace Before Meat; Birth from the Stars; The First Corn; Carol of the Four Creatures; Thoughts Before Sleeping; Thoughts Before Eating; The Dews of Golgotha; The Carol of Pear and Thorn; Stable Slumber-Song; A Prayer to the Planets; Blue and Rose; Man the Mediator; The Breathed-on Clod; The Lung
The Spirit of Man:
For Man's Being; The Questing Heart; The Three Weavers, True Fairytale; The Door of Pain; Growth; Offertory; The Two Adversaries; The Paradise-Plant; The Opening Hand; To a Loved One Nearing Death; Snow in Summer; The Fly in the Gardens; Fisher Song
War and Peace:
Hecetor in Hades; The Cave; Bells in Wartime; The Shing Coat; Salvage; The Hanging Gateway; Victory Day; War Memorial; Forty-ninth Birthday
Translated Fragments (other poets):
Ego-Freedom (Richard Debmel); Lead Me, Ere I Lead Thee (Karl Thylmann); The Departed Child to His Mother (Friedrich Hebbel); Isis-Mary (Rudolf Meyer); Orphic Utterance (Goethe); To a Rose (Albert Steffen); Winter Morning's Sun (Christian Morgenstern)


Isabel Wyatt (1901-92) taught young children for many years and was then, until her retirement in 1965, co-director of studies at Hawkwood College in Gloucestershire, UK. She compiled many story collections for children including The Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book, The Book of Fairy Princes, King Beetle-Tamer and Thorkill of Iceland (all Floris Books).


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