Magical Wonder Tales

King Beetle Tamer and Other Stories

Isabel Wyatt

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  • Fifteen magical wonder tales are beautifully told by master storyteller Isabel Wyatt
  • The stories are full of kings, unicorns, fairies, palaces and heroic deeds
  • Previously published as King Beetle-Tamer

A collection of fifteen magical wonder tales from master storyteller Isabel Wyatt, for children aged seven and up.

216 x 138 mm
Floris Books
Story Books & Anthologies
Age Range:
From 7 to 9 years
152 pages
Publication date:
22 Aug 2013
3rd edition


If Orfeo is to be king, his mother decides, he must sleep outside. And so Orfeo sleeps in the meadow and becomes friends with the animals, birds, insects and beetles. Then one day, he agrees to help a jackdaw return a ruby ring to a princess…

King Beetle Tamer is just one of fifteen magical wonder tales in this collection by master storyteller Isabel Wyatt. The stories are full of magic and unicorns, fairies and palaces, roses and gold, which will transport children to a world of faraway places and heroic deeds.

Suitable for children aged seven and up, this is a classic collection from the author of The Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book.

A new revised edition, previously published as King Beetle-Tamer.


Isabel Wyatt (1901-1992) was born in England. She spent many years teaching young children and was then, until her retirement in 1965, co-director of studies at Hawkwood College in Gloucestershire. She wrote many books for children, including The Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book, The Eight-Year-Old Legend Book, Norse Hero Tales, The Legends of King Arthur, Legends of the Norse King, and Hay For My Ox.


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