The King and the Green Angelica

Stories and Poems from Old Norse and Anglo-Saxon Times

Isabel Wyatt; Illustrated by Arne Klingborg

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Epic tales for children.

208 x 230 mm
Lanthorn Press
Story Books & Anthologies
15 b/w illustrations
Age Range:
From 7 to 12 years
112 pages
Publication date:
01 Jan 1975


Children will love the epic tales of Norse heroes in this collection of stories. Many of the tales were compiled by Saxo Grammaticus and other Scandinavian writers, and they perfectly complement the more well-known stories of Norse Gods.

The illustrations are based on Old Norse motifs, drawings and carvings, and bring the atmosphere of the stories and poems dramatically to life.

The stories are suitable for children aged from about seven to twelve.

Table of Contents

The King and the Green Angelica
Poems: The Phoenix (excerpts); Ploughman's Charm for Unfruitful Land; The Plough
I Hear My Son's Sword
How the Prince Won His Wife
Poems: Anglo-Saxon Riddles; Riddles of St Ealdhelm
How the Old Hero Won the Duel with the Nine
The King and the Robbers
The Beggar Prince
Poems: Description of a Norse Battle; Beowulf: Excerpts: Beowulf and Wiglaf Slay; The Dragon; The Funderal Pyre
The Song of Sigurd
Thorstan Shiver
The Candle in the Harp
Poem: The Song of the Sea-calm


Isabel Wyatt (1901-92) taught young children for many years and was then, until her retirement in 1965, co-director of studies at Hawkwood College in Gloucestershire, UK. She compiled many story collections for children including The Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book, The Book of Fairy Princes, King Beetle-Tamer and Thorkill of Iceland (all Floris Books).

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