Pathways from Pain to Meaning

Short Thoughts on Pain in History and Personal Development

Iris Paxino; Translated by Cynthia Hindes

Not yet published - due 24 Oct 2024

Quick Look

  • A sensitive and thoughtful consideration of the human experience of pain
  • Explores different types of pain from the physical (through illness and injury), to emotional (loss and deprivation) and spiritual (the absence of meaning in our lives), how they affect us, and what we can learn from them
  • Discusses the impact of chronic pain and details treatment methods that aim to help sufferers cope more effectively
  • Iris Paxino lectures regularly in anthroposophic psychology and runs a biographical counselling practice
  • Written by the author of Bridges Between Life and Death -- 'A deeply insightful book.'-- Marjatta van Boeschoten, General Secretary, Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain

A sympathetic and enlightening exploration of physical, emotional and spiritual pain and what we can learn from it, written by experienced psychologist and author of Bridges Between Life and Death, Iris Paxino.

Floris Books
Mind, Body, Spirit
128 pages
Publication date:
24 Oct 2024


People today strive to live as pain-free a life as possible, treating both physical pain and emotional suffering with a range of medical and alternative therapies. But in our efforts to avoid pain, are we excluding an important part of our human experience?

In this sensitive and thoughtful book, psychologist Iris Paxino explores different kinds of pain and the ways in which each affects us: from the physical pain of illness and injury, through the emotional suffering caused by loss and deprivation, to the spiritual pain experienced in moments of doubt when we struggle with meaning in our lives. Paxino also discusses the history of pain, the impact of chronic pain and treatment methods including behavioural techniques and anthroposophic therapies.

While pain should always be treated, Paxino argues that when we learn to accept it as an inescapable part of being human we develop resilience and inner peace as well as compassion for others.

This sympathetic and enlightening book will be of interest to those who wish to explore the significance of pain in human experience and what we can learn from it.


Iris Paxino was born in 1970 in Bucharest, Romania. She lectures regularly in the field of anthroposophic psychology and runs a biographical counselling practice in Stuttgart, Germany. She is the author of several books, including Bridges Between Life and Death.

Cynthia Hindes is a retired priest of The Christian Community in the USA.

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