The Christmas Story Book

Edited by Ineke Verschuren

Out of print

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  • A beautiful collection of stories which shine with Christmas spirit

Includes over fifty Christmas stories, from Hans Christian Andersen, Selma Lagerlöf, Jeanna Oterdahl, Peter Rosegger, Ruth Sawyer and Henry van Dyke and others.

234 x 154 mm
Floris Books
Story Books & Anthologies
b/w illustrations
Age Range:
From 5 to 12 years
430 pages
Publication date:
01 Sep 1988


This wonderful collection includes over fifty festive stories, by Hans Christian Andersen, Leonid Andreiev, Jane Clement, Maxim Gorki, Gerhard Klein, Selma Lagerlöf, Jeanna Oterdahl, Peter Rosegger, Ruth Sawyer, Edzard Schaper, Jakob Streit, Henry van Dyke.

Table of Contents

Why God Created Man, Dan Lindholm (Age 5+)
The Betrothal of Mary and Joseph, From the Protevangelium of James (Age 5+)
The Search for the Secret King, Eberhard Kurras (Age 7+)
The Legend of Santa Lucia's Day, Selma Lagerlof (Age 8+)
Andrey, Gerhard Klein (Age 11+)
The Star-Rider, Jakob Streit (Age 11+)
The Birth of John the Baptist, From the Gospel of Luke
The Annunciation to Mary, From the Gospel of Luke

At the Birth of the Child:
The Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, From the Gospel of Luke
The Shepherd Boy's Flute, Dan Lindholm (Age 5+)
Jonas, the Shepherd in the Stable, Georg Dreissig (Age 6+)
The Well of the Star, Elizabeth Goudge (Age 8+)
The Shepherds, Ruth Sawyer (Age 8+)
The Legend of the First Christmas Tree, Elizabeth Goudge (Age 8+)
A Candle for St Bridget, Ruth Sawyer (Age 8+)

The Christmas Night:
The Wee Christmas Cabin of Carn-na-ween, Ruth Sawyer (Age 6+)
Schnitzle, Schnotzle, and Schnootzle, Ruth Sawyer (Age 6+)
Stefan Vasilvich, the Highwayman, Jeanna Oterdahl (Age 10+)
Fiddler, Play Fast, Play Faster, Ruth Sawyer (Age 10+)
Moss-Maggie, Peter Rosegger (Age 8+)
The Candle, Willem Brandt (Age 13+)
Semyon, edzard Schaper (Age 12+)

Christmas in all the World:
Rosli from stechelberg, Jakob Streit (Age 6+)
The Fir Tree, Hans Christian Andersen (Age 6+)
A Christmas Story from the Mountains, C.E. Pothast-Gimberg (Age 8+)
The First Chriatmas Tree, Jakob Streit (Age 7+)
The Troll who Wanted to be Human, Jeanna Oterdahl (Age 8+)
The Last Dream of the Old Oak, hans Christian Andersen (Age 8+)
Frau Holle and the Glassblower, Karl Paetow (Age 8+)
The Miner and his Wife, Karl Paetow (Age 8+)
The Lady's Coach, Karl Paetow (Age 8+)
Alice and her Doves, Anonymous (Age 8+)
The Christmas Rose, Selma Lagerlof (Age 9+)
The Gold of Bernardino, Ruth Sawyer (Age 10+)
The Crib of Bo'bossu, Ruth Sawyer (Age 10+)
Prester John and the Trolls, Anonymous (Age 11+)
The Little Angel, Leonid Andreiev (Age 13+)
The Guest, N.S. Leskov (Age 12+)
Tamara, The Moorish Angel, Hans Berghuis (age 11+)
A Christmas Story, Maxim Gorki (Age 11+)

From Christmad to Epiphany:
The Adoration of the Magi, from the Gospel of Matthew
The Little Match-Seller, Hans Christian Andersen (Age 6+)
The Thistle, Elizabeth Klein (Age 6+)
New Year's Eve, Dan Lindholm (Age 6+)
The Miraculous Corn, Nienke van Hichtum (Age 7+)
The Three Gifts, Jane T. Clement (Age 7+)
The Little Lights Blown Out, Karl Paetow (Age 7+)
The Three Kings Ride, Ruth Sawyer (Age 8+)
Babushka, A Russian tale (Age 8+)
The Secret King, Georg Dreissig (Age 11+)
The Story of the Other Wise Man, Henry van Dyke (Age 12+)
The Dream Song of Olaf Asteson (Age 13+)


Ineke Verschuren is a children's writer based in the Netherlands.

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